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take more/better pictuers (read all 3 entries…)

I got a new camera….yeah! I can actually take nice pictures all the time!

learn the thriller dance (read all 3 entries…)

While this comes months late, I have official accomplished this goal twice! After our school musical, I decided to learn the rest of the dance by watching the music video. This was fun in itself but when our youth group had a talent show, I taught two others and we performed the dance. It was awesome! We dressed as zombies and just had a great time with it.
A couple months later, during a dance party in Paris (that sounds so cool!) Thriller came on so obviously I had to do the dance. One of my friends that had learnt it for the talent show was also on the trip so her and I total hit up the dance floor and rocked it out!
Now, my high school band is performing Thriller for our homecoming show this weekend. I’m totally thrilled for it (no pun intended), unfortainately I won’t be able to do the show because I’m in the homecoming court.
So all and all, this goal has been absolutely worth it in every sense!

learn to drive (read all 11 entries…)

So I’ve finally gotten my driver’s license! It was quite an exciting day; it was actually graduation day for the class before me. And everyone in the band found out because my loving friend decided to announce it! But don’t fear fellow driver’s, I’m a smart, safe driver!

stand under a cherry blossom tree and be showered with petals (read all 3 entries…)
Suprise from a friend

A few days ago an amazing friend had a suprise for me after shool. She made me close my eyes and took me outside, where I had to climb up a little mound of dirt (which was interesting to say the least)to stand under a tree, although at the time i didn’t know that. When I opened my eyes, she was shaking the one tree branch so that the beautiful pink petals were falling all around me.
It was definately one of those moments for me. It really showed me how much she cared and it was just breath-takingly beautiful. I really couln’t have asked for a better way to complete one of my favorite goals.

stop biting my nails

I’ve found that fake nails have stopped me from biting my nails for almost a full month. I must say it’s extremely nice! i just hope that when the fake nails are gone i can still say that i’m not biting at them.

overcome this depression
I don't know how...

..but the sad me has just seem to go away. Yes, I have my moments when I get upset and annoyed, but I think I’ve learned to let it go and move on. So I’m content saying “mission accomplished!” in a deep manly voice, of course

swing/slide across a room on the top of a library ladder
Beauty and the Beast

I want to stand ontop of a high library ladder, push off, and slide over to a new shelf looking for books. I think it looks like fun and so ever after watching Beauty and the Beast I’ve wanted to do this.

learn to roll with the punches (read all 2 entries…)
I'm learning.. deal with things unexpected and new. To adjust to more projects and activites and i must say, I’m not doing too bad.

Send a message in a bottle

My boy told me he had a surprise for me one day so I went over to his house. When I got there he told me to write a letter to anyone and he left the room. He came back only a few seconds later (before I had even started the letter) with an old bottle in hand! It was so cute! So I wrote a long inspirational letter on love, life, and enjoying the things/people we love the most and tied it with a purple pipe cleaner. (I know, way to be girly.)

I decided I wanted to throw it in at our little town’s water fall, which I must say is quite beautiful after a snow storm. So we drove there but other people were there and we decided to wait until “further notice.”

I finally got to send it, though, on Valentine’s Day. It was so rewarding to see “her” (thats what we named the bottle) floating down the river. And, yes, we did follow it for awhile.

It was just so perfect and amazing to see one of my big goals be accomplished and in such a romantic way. This just made me fall in love with him all over again; it reminded me of why i fell for him the first time!


I had to paint a picture for “homework” for ootm this week. I was nervous to say the least because I had never really painted anything before; you know, beside the little stuff kids do in art class in middle school. I finished it two days ago and I must say, I thoroughly impressed myself. It really looks like the painting from far away! It was a stressful process because it wasn’t working so well for me at first, but the resulting project made it well worth it.

Now to paint something without a picture right beside me….hmmm

learn the thriller dance (read all 3 entries…)
In my schools musical..

..there’s the song love shack. How does this pertain to learning the thriller dance you ask? Well, the director thought it would be awesome if the people on stage for the song could learn the thriller dance being that the musicals about the 80’s and this dance was huge back then. So, needless to say, I have learned the thriller dance…most of it anyway.

I still want to learn the rest…so this goal is staying up for the time being!

make a scrapebook
For Christmas... mom got me an amazing scrapebook kit. I’m planning on using it for my trip to Europe. It was such a simple and yet touching gift, that i just sat and stared at it for a few minutes. Just knowing that she knew I wanted to do this so bad was purely priceless…

learn to drive (read all 11 entries…)
I think I'm ready...

..I started taking driving lessons and I really surprised not only myself but the teacher with my parallel parking! It made me swell up with pride for a second. I think I’m going to call a schedule an appointment soon.

send in a postcard to PostSecret (read all 3 entries…)
I wrote some..

..and was all ready to make postcards, but something came up. I ended up telling my secrets in the midst of a fight and it ended up being very rewarding. It was almost shocking because I wasn’t expecting his reaction to be the way it was. He was totally understanding and caring. I guess it just goes to show that keeping secrets hid isn’t worth it.

I still plan on sending something in though…and then maybe telling someone else. ;)

Declare November Hug Month, But Get An Early Start On It, And Invite People To Join This Goal (read all 2 entries…)

...that’s all that needs to be said. <3

Declare November Hug Month, But Get An Early Start On It, And Invite People To Join This Goal (read all 2 entries…)
I'm trying something new...

..and it seems to be a big hit. I still give real hugs, but I;ve started passing notes that say HUG on them. I love seeing the smiles I get from unexpectant people recieving a HUG in the middle of class. The one note started a chain reaction of passing the HUG along. I don’t know where it ended up, and thats ok, it’s just nice knowing people are feeling the warm of a friends hug, even if only for a second. =)

take more/better pictuers (read all 3 entries…)

...was amazing, not just for the dancing and atmosphere, but because for the first time in what seems like years I took pictures! Lots of them, too. I’m so excited to get them printed!

start varsity every game next soccer season (read all 3 entries…)
All but 1...

...and that was just because of a position change. So, I’m declaring that out of my control and this goal completed!

learn/do something new everyday (read all 15 entries…)
# 15

If you get acid in your eye it can melt your contacts to it! Ouch…most definately does not sound like fun.

stop procrastinating (read all 5 entries…)

I’m actually doing rather good with this…still certain things I hold off, but I counteract that by getting way ahead with other papers, projects, etc in those classes. Its kind of really exciting!

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