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  1. 1. raise my GPA
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  2. 2. Lose weight
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  3. 3. Grow closer to God
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  4. 4. Be more confident
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  5. 5. Get an internship
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  6. 6. grow my hair to waist length
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  7. 7. be a better person
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  8. 8. love myself
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  9. 9. use my talents
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  10. 10. play in the rain
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  11. 11. be happy with myself
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  12. 12. watch sunset whenever possible
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  13. 13. graduate from college
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  14. 14. write a book
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  15. 15. become a millionaire before 35
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grow my hair to waist length
Pretty Happy With the Progress

I cut all of my hair off, slightly over a year ago. I had decided to go natural (perm free) and as of now my hair is at shoulder length overall. I am really happy with the growth over the past year and I feel that I have found a regimen that works for my hair.

become a millionaire before 35
Taking the first steps

I came upon this goal not because of a desire for money necessarily, but because of my inability to choose a major for college. I have interests and talents in so many seemingly unrelated areas and I felt that I was severely limiting myself by boxing myself into a single career for the rest of my life! I said jokingly to someone that maybe I’ll just be a millionaire. lol. I began thinking how incredibly achievable of a goal this could be, especially if I allow myself to explore my many ideas and talents. So I’ve begun making plans to further my education, and begin putting away money for future business endeavors. 1 Million is just the first goal!

play in the rain (read all 3 entries…)
Bringing Me Back To Earth

Yesterday was a Sunday evening. I was feeling a little down, not looking forward to the coming week, and it had been a gross overcast day. It started to rain extremely hard, and the noise of the rain outside my open window immediately brought me back to earth. The sun was beginning to set, and it was that beautiful twilight time of day. The view outside my window was so gorgeous, and the sound of the pouring rain gave me pause. I grabbed my best friend, and took him with me to go play in the rain….. I had spent hours on my hair earlier that day, and in an instant my hair began to curl back up. Lol. I realized, while we both ran around playing like children, that I had absolutely no reason to complain.

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