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make homemade ice cream
green tea ice cream

my pal really likes green tea ice cream and I told her once I’d make her some. I haven’t done it yet.

Does anybody have a good recipie?

make a difference in the next generation

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks so I think we have to work with the puppies. Current American ideologies of individualism and greed make me sick. I believe that we must start by teaching our society’s children about what’s really important.
Now, for me to say I want to work with kids is kind of crazy. I don’t really like kids. I mean, there are kids that I love dearly. However, on the whole, I find children to be annoying and sticky.

So I will clarify. I don’t want to work WITH kids. Teaching or being an administrator is all fine and good, but I want to go higher than that. I want to work on the state education board or something to that effect.

Who we hire as teachers and how they teach are very important dynamics in education, yes. But WHAT we teach them is more important, I believe. I want to tackle curriculum. On a State level is a good goal I think.

SO, my progress is that I’ve made the decision to pursue this and I’ve also incorporated it into my classes for this summer and fall.
I’m taking Sociology of Education this summer: “Study of modern educational systems, emphasizing the social, political and economic factors that influence its organization and its functions.”

In the Fall I’m taking Teaching and Learning in Elementary: “Overview of the teaching profession, examination of a variety of learning environments, organizing and managing classrooms, integrating curricula, observational techniques.”

I was going to volunteer at the school my boyfriends mother works at when school got out. Since I broke my ankle, I don’t think that will be happening.

live life to it's fullest
making headway

a while ago, i’m not exactly sure what made me do it, but I stopped watching TV.
That made a HUGE impact on my quality of life.

I sometimes watch TV now. Rarely though. And it’s usually a movie with my boyfriend or the dog whisperer or the discovery channel.

Reality TV and mindless drabble for hours on end is one way to waste your life away.

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