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stop picking my skin

I don’t pick at my face unless I have an outbreak of zits (which I’m very very fortunate is not often the case). However, I’ve been on-and-off picking at my feet, and more recently severely at the skin around my thumbs, for many years. I know I need to kick this nervous habit, because it’s left me with a lot of scar tissue and it’s plain just not healthy. It’s just going to be hard. When Ben noticed I stopped for a few weeks while away at school, but then I just ended up biting my lip until it bled or chewed the inside of my mouth until I had sores. Then finals came and now a new job have just caused me to start outright picking again. I know it’s time for a serious stop to this.

get a car

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s feeling stuck.

be a better sister

A constant battle because of our distance, struggles with depression, etc. That’s not to say it’s a chore. I’m just still working to find a healthy balance.

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