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tour de france
See and Bike the Tour de France

A must-see. Seeing the Tour de France is to live, eat, and breath France. I run Tour de France tours and my advice to clients is to always avoid the crowded start/finish lines. Go to the smallest little village along the course, grab a comfortable chair, a cooler, a baguette, and enjoy the show. Former Spyns clients have always enjoyed the Pyrenees and the tour will be there again in 2010. Nothing is better than watching three generations of French families screaming and clapping as the tour goes by. Truly memorable. For more info, please visit our website www.tdf-tours.com and don’t hesitate to call or email me with your questions 1.888.825.4720.

run with the bulls
Running of the Bulls

A life-changing experience. I run tour to see the running of the bulls in Pamplona and go to the festival every year. It is incredible and absolutely worth doing…whether you run or not. Pamplona is a fantastic city, full of wonderful people who really shine during the San Fermin festival. They are as welcoming and friendly as the bulls are large and dangerous. If you choose to run, watch from a balcony before doing so and never run on a weekend (too crowded). Need help with your plans just contact Spyns (Ryan King) at www.pamplona-spain.com or 1.888.825.4720.

go to France
Go to France

Absolutely worth doing. I take people there for a living (cycling and hiking tours to be exact) and after just a week of the good life in Burgundy, Beaujolais, Bordeaux or Provence, people change. The French can be a little abrupt, not because they don’t like you, it’s just because they won’t open up until they know you. Here are some reasons to go:

- the wine (often cheaper than milk)
- the bread (you can live on baguette and cheese for weeks)
- people actually sit down and talk at the table
- when someone from France calls you un ‘ami’ or ‘friend’ it’s for life
- seeing the Eiffel tower at night
- dinner at restaurant Le Petit Paradis in Beaune (Burgundy) with just enough space for 12
- cycling through the vines during the fall harvest
- the Cote d’Azur
- the pastries (my favorite is ‘Succes au chocolat’)

If you need any travel advice or some pointers on where to go, don’t hesitate to contact me. ryan@spyns.com www.spyns.com

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