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  1. 1. be pro ana
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  2. 2. learn to dance like shakira
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  3. 3. run a marathon
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  4. 4. look good for prom
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  5. 5. get a new hairstyle
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  6. 6. lose 15 pounds
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  7. 7. Strengthen My Legs
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  8. 8. Eat better
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  9. 9. buy rollerskates
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  10. 10. See the Eiffel tower at night
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  11. 11. pro ana
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pro ana

How many cals are in 1 corn on the cob and in 1 egg??? Thanks, you girls are really great :)!

Strengthen My Legs

Can u say F A T??? My legs have a whale like appearance! Anyone know any good ways to get rid of leg fat?

look good for Prom

I wanna look good for prom, I want to feel beautiful for my boyfriend. In the three last month I’ve lost over 15 pounds and am looking a lot better, I just wanna look like this again, this was me last year as a flower girl at my aunts wedding, but since that photo I gained almost 30 pounds! SO I’v lost 15 and now I need to lose 15 more to get back to that, though I’m hoping I can lose even more since prom isn’t for another year, my goal is 100 pounds before June 2008!


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