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change the world
My Overly-Optimistic Life Plan to Save the World!

1*. Finish my teaching degree and become an inspiring teacher.
. Adopt an environmentally sustainable life.
3*. Become a certified lifeguard so I can save people from drowning.
. Pledge 10% of all my income to charity and my church.
5*. Adopt an orphan from China.
. Raise my children to be hardcore world savers like me.
7*. Raise my kids to speak English, Mandarin, and French.
. Serve a mission for my church.
9*. Join an online activist community.
. Donate my excess breast milk to needy infant orphans.
11. Be a temple worker for my church at some point.
12. Help establish religious freedom in China.
13. Obtain a certificate in peacebuilding.
14. Become involved in the fight against corruption.

@you – What’s your plan?

trace my family history
I'm doing this with my grandma, aunt and cousin right now.

My aunt and cousin are doing the computer work and my grandma and I are putting the hard copies in order. We’ve gotten over 1000 names in the past two weeks. We’re so busy, the work is endless.

overcome my fears (read all 7 entries…)
Will probably never end

I’m marking this off as done, because I really don’t have any serious phobias and I’ll always be apprehensive about some things, like going to university, starting a family, etc. I never expect to feel like I can do everything. I think that as long as I can recognize my fears and worries and keep myself in control and prepared then I’ve conquered the hardest part; and I’ve already done that for my fears that I have identified.

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