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get back my friendship with my mom
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Up until about 6 months ago, my my and I had the best relationship, at least that is what I thought. Little by little, my mom has chosen to not include me in normal day to day activities that we were accustomed to. She was my mom and my best friend. And now I feel lost and lonely without her. Her husband of 10 years, wants my mom and him to move further away from their families. This really hurts me, because out of 5 children together, I am the only one that helps them whenever they need it. They are only wanting to move away to hurt the others who do not show them any attention. In the mean time, I am the being hurt terribly. I have been depressed for the past two weeks, I would not still be here if it weren’t for my husband and our three great daughters. My mom has pushed away and shut out anyone that tries to show her love. I do not understand what it happening with her. My step dad has become more possessive of my mom in the past year. If anyone is experiencing anything like this with a loved one, please help me understand what is happening.


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