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  1. 1. visit many zoos
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  2. 2. get married
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  3. 3. work at the zoo
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  4. 4. see a moose
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  5. 5. visit all 50 states
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  6. 6. learn to screen print
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  7. 7. go whale watching
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  8. 8. design zoos
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  9. 9. Buy a House
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  10. 10. be on stage again
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  11. 11. see the northern lights
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  12. 12. Design exhibits
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  13. 13. Have twins
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  14. 14. become LEED certified
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  15. 15. move to the pacific northwest
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  16. 16. learn French
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  17. 17. go to grad school
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  18. 18. build a table
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Recent entries
go to grad school
Started the Process....sorta

I decided before I moved that if I found a job that I could do for life I would do it, but if not I would go to Grad School. So far…I have had no luck in the job department and haven’t even been able to find a full-time job. I work at the mall, and it’s really depressing because my paychecks are around $200 when I am used to around $700 and actually deserve more with my degree, experience, and smarts.

So here I am living paycheck to paycheck and not even that because my paychecks aren’t even enough to cover my bills. It sucks. I am a good person and don’t deserve this. I’ve been applying for jobs since August and I’ve only had 4 interviews and got a part-time job at the mall. I realize at this point the only way I prevent falling into a deeper hole is to go back to school now…so I can get Financial Aid and a job at or through the school. Then, when it’s all done, find a job at some zoo or museum and move there and live happily ever after.

I started filling out my application for IUPIU’s Museum Studies program. My how things have changed in the last 9 years—EVERYTHING is done online, even letters of recommendation! I love it. And I can’t believe it’s bee 9 years since that lovely time of applying to colleges. Now my sister is doing it and here I am applying for Grad school! The only problem (HUGE problem actually) is that I can’t even afford to take the damn GRE. It’s $140, which is not a lot of money in general and during other times in my life, but right now it is COMPLETELY out of the question.

build a table
Picky and Poor

I have 2 barstools I bought at a flea market 5 1/2 years ago and now finally have space to have them at a little table, ooooonly I cannot find a table the right size that is not hideous and is affordable. Mainly I cannot find one that is the right height and not hideous. So I have decided to make one.

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I need 6 more.

The first 87 were really easy.

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