I'm doing 6 things

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  1. 1. move out of New York City
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  2. 2. Learn to surf
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  3. 3. lose ten pounds
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  4. 4. find a new career
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  5. 5. run a half marathon
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  6. 6. meditate more
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Recent entries
lose ten pounds
Lose ten pounds

... just to get rid of the winter put on from being around the house too much.

Learn to surf
Learn to Surf

Either on vacation or at least by just trying it at the beach this summer.

pay off my credit card debt
No more credit!

I’ve paid off most of my debt… just a little more to go and when that’s gone… never again! It’s too easy to live just beyond your means. It’s like that’s where they want you! If I can’t pay it off in 30 days than I can’t buy it for at least 30 days.


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