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  1. 1. procrastinate less
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  2. 2. be more positive
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  3. 3. have a regular sleep schedule
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  4. 4. have better posture
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  5. 5. Get a Girlfriend
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  6. 6. be more social
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  7. 7. Quit Playing Video Games
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  8. 8. exercise daily
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  9. 9. learn to play guitar
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  10. 10. Get to know a Professor
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  11. 11. be rich
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  12. 12. Learn to juggle
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  13. 13. blog more
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It's been a full week

And I have fallen behind in quite a few of my goals. I have procrastinated, bave played video games, wasted countless hours on the internet. The only things I have made progress on this week are guitar and juggling.

Very disappointed in myself. I guess if I don’t log on to 43 Things, I end up doing nothing.

Learn to juggle

Juggling seems like a cool, pointless skill to learn. But hey, why not? A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who is in the circus club gave me the basics of juggling. He’s pretty good, good enough to perform. He currently is working on some advanced techniques with a friend of his.

Anyway, I didn’t pick this back up until yesterday when I decided I wanted to get better at it. So I picked up 3 tennis balls and just kept trying. Needless to say, there were a lot of dropped balls. The biggest problem I have is that my throws are inconsistent and as a result I drop a ball (please excuse the innuendos) or two hit each other and go opposite directions.

So that’s what I need to work on, getting my throws together. So far I’ve been able to go about 10 throws, not bad.

procrastinate less (read all 2 entries…)
Not off to a good start

Um…today I thought about writing a list of things to do…but I didn’t.

So instead I watched old “How I Met Your Mother” episodes while attempting to juggle.

As quoted from 300 “Hell of a good start.” Not.

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