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  1. 1. read all the books I have before buying even one more
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  2. 2. create the soundtrack to my life
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  3. 3. move to seattle
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  4. 4. visit all 50 states
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    9,054 people
  5. 5. get over a broken heart
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  6. 6. get out of debt
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  7. 7. Learn to play the piano
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  8. 8. be more confident
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  9. 9. Kiss in the rain
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  10. 10. make friends
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  11. 11. get a Brazilian wax
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  12. 12. go to a rascal flatts concert
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  13. 13. Marry the love of my life.
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  14. 14. find true love
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  15. 15. go on a cruise
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  16. 16. drink 8 glasses of water a day
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  17. 17. own my own home
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  18. 18. Live life!
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  19. 19. identify 100 things that make me happy.
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  20. 20. exercise regularly
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  21. 21. learn sign language
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  22. 22. Get a tattoo
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  23. 23. figure out what i want to do with my life
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  24. 24. beat social anxiety
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  25. 25. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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  26. 26. move to Oregon
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  27. 27. Get a tattoo on the back of my neck
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skinny dip

1. In the reservoir at my (very conservative Christian) college. Senior year, last month of school, middle of the night. Freezing cold! But such a rush.

2. My love and I were housesitting this gigantic Better Homes & Gardens place, and it was out in the country with very few houses around. The pool in the backyard was heated, so we stripped and jumped in. It was incredible.

Give my hair to Locks of Love
Those precious children...

When I think about all that they’re going through, giving them my hair seems like such a small sacrifice. I grew my hair out and donated 13 inches about 18 months ago. It was hard, because I love my hair (it’s my favorite part of me!) and I hated having it short. But then again, small sacrifice. Plus, it meant so much more when the little girl I babysat for decided she wanted to do the same thing, so she grew her hair out and donated 11 inches, because I inspired her. Now, my hair’s starting to get long again and I’m thinking about doing it again. I might wait till it’s a little bit longer though.

make friends
Starting Over

When you have a really serious relationship that goes on for a long time, your friends become “couple friends”. Then, if you break up, they either side with one or the other, or both of you lose them. Either way, I need to make new friends. People who don’t know me associated with my old love. And last night was the first step. I went out to a bar with some “couple friends” who picked my side, and I did really good. I met:

Dan, a recent college graduate who will be teaching French (which I used to do)

April, a very talkative Philippina who will be a junior in college this year

Chrissy, a fantastic singer who cringes at Karaoke Night but comes anyway

Kim, a super nice chick who really cares about how other people are doing but never tells her age

Dancer Girl, who can bring her leg up parallel to her head

...and a few others that I don’t remember well but hopefully will next time. Of course, I can’t really call these friends; these are more like acquaintances. But that’s the first step!

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