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impeach the president

I went to the future and did it! Bush whined and cried like the 8-year old bully that he is, but it was worth it. Guilty on all charges and removed from office, along with Cheney (who tried to shoot me in the face but missed). I didn’t hang around for the war crime trial - I decided to come back and let you about this instead.

visit New Zealand
Go there!

It’s a very long trip to get there from the US or Europe, but definitely worth the journey. My fiancee and I did a great 2-week bike trip on the South Island and it was an unforgettable place. Someone posted a photo of misty Milford Sound - we lucked out an had a beautiful sunny late spring day (early December) for our visit there, so here’s my photo of that day.

learn 2000 kanji (read all 2 entries…)

OK, I’m on my way into the JLPT 2 kanji, now doing 10 at a time. Once I feel good about how well I know the new 10 and am solid on the ones I learned earlier, I grab the next 10 and continue. I’m now at 310 and learning a new set of 10 every four days or so. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so I want to make sure I really “got” the old ones before tackling the next set of 10.

Anyone who has a Palm PDA should check out KingKanji – it’s really a great tool for learning stroke order and making sure you really know each kanji. With a Japanese word processor like JWPce, you can create your own sets of kanji to learn. I’ve found it to be an essential tool for remembering the kanji – if you can see a list of meanings and then can draw the kanji with the proper stroke order, you “got” it!

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