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Keeping life safe is what i want and i want to stop moving and changing all the time
i dont want to move any more!

My parents split up a long time ago and im always moving its not fair any more.I want to meet new people and get to know them and stay there.I have had 7 boyfriends and split up with all of them.Thats because its all around me theres no way to get them bc together.My pain wont go away i want my mum to split up with my horrid step dad.He treats my half brouther more then me he never surpports me.My mum always agrees with him in all the fights we have.I feel like will be the girl that never stops i dont want my real life to end up like this!Life its tought and its a hard descision what to do.Im always stuck in the middle and never get to tell them how i feel.Soon i’ll follow that perfect rainbow soon….


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