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become a morning person. (read all 3 entries…)
this is really hard...

i’ve been reading about polyphasic sleep and the benefits of not sleeping for more than 6-7 hours at a time. according to Seth, your consciousness leaves your body for too long, rendering you feeling detached and groggy. sleeping though the night is an invention of the industrial age, so that we can have more working hours in the daytime, imposed by wholly artificial means.
i’ve been going to sleep later and waking up later too. if only i had jetlag to help me…

knit a scarf

this is too cool! from project runway contestant diana eng’s blog , a scarf based on the fibonacci sequence.

Make a list of 43 things I know very little about, & then learn at least 3 things about each of them

i’ve realized that i do this all the time, but am too lazy to write them down. and i already spend enough time looking for information on the internet anyway, but it was nice reading all y’all entries.

Find new (to me) music I love (read all 3 entries…)
an ongoing process...

as are most things. But I have Four syllables:
KT Tunstall.
Like Norah Jones, but with more soul and edge. i.e. more INTERESTING. plus she’s scottish-chinese.

also: all songs consider on NPR,, nick drake (more to come)

speak better Chinese

I’m signing up for a putonghua class here and forking over good cash while doing it. I don’t know how good of a class it will be but at least I’ll get into speaking chinese again. And I’m going to Taipei soon, so I’ll speak there too, though it’s always a grin and bear it routine, as people are always like, “you’re not really from here, huh, how come your chinese sucks, etc, etc.” and i’m like, “no, i really am not from here, so what’s your point?” and then they’re fawning over dan’s chinese. which is probably better than mine.

start doing yoga again (read all 2 entries…)

I signed up for unlimited classes at a hatha yoga studio and went four times last week. After all the running it feels good to do something different and STRETCH, and my body feels stronger too.

Read a Russian novel (read all 3 entries…)

whew, just finished crime and punishment. a captivating read, although the translation (garrett) was just ok. anna karenina is next!

Find real communities in Hong Kong (read all 2 entries…)
a few weeks ago

after a walking tour with friends in Sheungwan and having tea and soup in my co-worker’s old-style-tenement-turned-studio apartment, we went to Fotan in the New Territories to see the open studios. The artists’ studios are housed in still-active industrial warehouses with huge windows that face the mountains. We had fun going from floor to floor and riding the huge industrial elevators.

play Cranium with my cousins
with one cousin

it was fun, sorta, since it was only the junior edition. not as competitive as monopoly, and boy, are they competitive! (like all children) will have to play again soon.

Resist British spellings! (read all 2 entries…)
when dan visited

we went to see the noon day cannon being fired (some ludicrous tradition). it was very British.

Stay connected to New York through NPR podcasts (read all 3 entries…)

This is kinda a boring goal. Plus I’m listening to an environmental news show right now. So I’m checking it off, since I know more about what’s going on in the US than in Hong Kong, where the news is pretty slow (no duck hunting mishaps, perhaps except for some vague grumblings about people’s pet goose being taken away because of something called the bird flu… anyone?)

run a half marathon (read all 4 entries…)
I'm done!

Finished this morning and met my goal of under 2 hours! (around 1:57) Which is great, considering I didn’t finish my training because of a foot injury and Dan’s visit.

It felt so incredibly good. I like being up before the city wakes, and I have these little rituals that I have for running, like bringing 10 gummie bears in my shorts pocket; though I ended up eating only one. I lost my sock (after the race, not during) and the leftover one will now be my lucky sock.

My legs are sore, but I am having a beer and watching french TV, so it’s all good. Tonight, a nice steak for dinner!

Stay connected to New York through NPR podcasts (read all 3 entries…)

they FINALLY gave me a new computer at work that’s not a windows 98. sweet!

Find real communities in Hong Kong (read all 2 entries…)

Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town in Hong Kong. Still a lot of old walkups, old folks, neighborhood temples, noodle shops, tea rooms. The “old” Hong Kong. A sense of human scale.

read new authors
So far in 2006

1. On Beauty, Zadie Smith
2. How to be Alone, Jonathan Franzen
3. The Amateur Marriage, Anne Tyler

Still working on
White Teeth, Zadie Smith
The Zanzibar Chest, Aidan Hartley

find a darkroom to develop my photos
contacts needed

Before Christmas I met a filmmaker who might know someone who has access to a darkroom here. It was funny, we were walking home on the traffic-free queen’s road with hundreds of other people at seven in the evening. it was the night of the WTO and the police had blocked the road. I should follow up!

write more love letters
I forgot to mention

that I got a love letter in the mail last week. It made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
The best is being able to reciprocate. Not only to the letter writer himself, who I adore, but also my friends, family, people who mean so so much to me.

fall in love with someone who loves me too (read all 2 entries…)
The truth is

it’s not really in my control, is it?
Taking it off my list.

Find new (to me) music I love (read all 3 entries…)
A long, rambling elaboration

I feel like I don’t have the deep connection with music that I had when I was in college or high school, especially in high school, when it was Everything and something with which we defined ourselves. Music was something important and tangible that I shared with friends (mixed tapes, handdrawn/collage covers, all that. The heart on our sleeves).

I got all my good tastes in music from friends. From the earliest: Simon & Garfunkel (my friend Rachel and I were obsessed and we were only in 7th grade); the girl music from Belly, Kristen Hersh, Throwing Muses, and the Breeders to Tori, Ani, Dar, and the Nields (yes I went through that phase), and finally onto the Pixies, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Pavement and many others in between. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn.

My boyfriend from high school and later college made me three mixes the time we were together, songs which I’ve listened to countless times. One of them broke from too much listening. Music in his car, music in our rooms, in concerts. I listen to Guided by Voices (no longer) and Elvis Costello (time to time) because of him. Especially Elvis Costello – I know all the songs on Girls girls girls by heart. My love for the Pixies was cemented.

In college, I also found Yo La Tengo (they performed in the college courtyard my sophomore year and I fell in love right there and then), Patsy Cline (good for broken hearts), the Van Pelt, Serge Gainsbourg, and many other bands. I spent a lot of time listening to music while writing papers.

Right now the house is always filled with “the Sound of Music” – the movie and the soundtrack – which my cousins are obsessed with. Plus I gave them the songbook for Christmas. It brings me back to my childhood love for the movie, but it’s a bit “always in my head” – bordering on annoying.

I forget what my point is. But I’m looking for music to love again. The last time a live performance really, really moved me was seeing Anthony of Anthony and the Johnsons sing at Prospect Park. It was two summers ago. It was totally unexpected, this man and his voice. He has this rare grace. His recorded music doesn’t do his voice justice. So if you can, go see him sing. I guarantee it, you will cry.

Resist British spellings! (read all 2 entries…)
I'd rather be a filthy yank

I just caught myself on my spelling of “NY-centre” in the last post. I work at an NGO that endorses British spellings and I’m slowly being indoctrinated in their ways. Never! I will never say “bloody” or “brilliant!!” either.

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