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Anya W.

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go out on more dates (read all 5 entries…)
Went out on a lot of dates with people, and found someone!

Rejoined an old dating site I’d given up on before. Added new pictures every month. Took pictures with my camera for practice and kept the nice ones, replied to guys who sounded promising, and just about when I was going to give up again six months or so later…I started talking to an awesome new guy, we went out a few times, and now he’s my boyfriend :P

go out on more dates (read all 5 entries…)
Man, this is SO confusing!!

I’ve gone to meet with this one guy a few times now, and we’re going to the city on Friday together…but I dunno if I could count those encounters as “dates” or not. Yes, we are mildly interested in each other, but I don’t really want a long term thing with this guy.

In the mean time, there’s this online fella who can be really top notch sometimes. Our personalities jibe. But sometimes, he can be really emotionally distant, so I’ve written him off a few times now. But it’s such a shame; we can talk about pretty much anything. But he also lives two states away. Eh.

Now, besides the first guy and the internet fella, I’ve been on a dating site and have gotten convos going with a few fellas there. One was just kind of an ass, but I only talked with him once. I wasn’t impressed, though. The other guy almost seems too nerdy for me, but I kind of doubt that. (You’re looking at Ms. Dungeons and Dragons, watches Dr. Who and pretty much abuses the hell out of any internet meme that comes her way…lol!)

Then there’s this one guy’s profile that I saw today…he seems like almost a carbon copy of me, but just a guy. I was so impressed that I messaged him 3/4ths of the way down his profile (lol). I just asked him point blank in the e-mail if he had a messenger so we could get to know each other better or something. I got a good feeling about him.

BUT! Guy #1 (Friday date fella) is my sister’s friend, and our cousin, who knows him too, texted me the other day (jokingly? I dunno?) asking, “You official yet?”

I’m 21, no kids, Associate degree, and I…just kind of don’t want to be in a long term relationship yet. There are too many possibles in my life, and I don’t want to just “end up” with some guy and get derailed. So, that makes me in the “short-term” category. But what the hell is short term, exactly?

What makes this confusing is I’m gray-A – may be asexual or demisexual, but not sure yet…so it’s more awkward. I feel like every guy I talk to wants sex out of me. I’m not looking for that, exactly. I am looking for an intelligent partner who wants to do fun things together (activities, like going camping or parasailing) and cuddle.

Somebody make things clear for me!! I feel the pressure!! But it’s good to be back in the game. :)

Start a Roth IRA (read all 7 entries…)
A More Concrete Plan

After researching, I’ve found that my favorite option out of the two I was considering (T. Rowe Price vs. Vanguard) requires a minimum of $1000 to open. From my research, I’ve been looking for an no-load index kind of fund, and the T. Rowe Price Roth seems to have a lot more foreign investments made – which makes the fund more risky than the Vanguard. While I like that, because I would like my financial decisions to reflect my idea of being a global citizen, I’m still at a loss for which to finally pick. In the end, since I just finished my emergency fund, I can start saving at least a thousand for this goal, too. So that deters me a lot longer than June, seeing as I have a grand total of $0 saved for it so far.

I dunno when I will reach that thousand, whether it will be by the end of this year or the beginning of the next, but it’s still on my goals list. Going to make a separate bank account today to start saving up. Wish me luck!

Start a Roth IRA (read all 7 entries…)
Postponed for June

March was madness, and a lot of crazy things have happened. I really mean to get to this goal in June.

I forgot that I already began a 401k at my current job. When I leave this job, I need to roll it over into my Roth that I will be making. I was inspired by Get Rich Slowly and Suze Orman to do this.

So far, I have done a little looking around, and this article in particular has really made me rethink my strategy. I think I need to consult with some more advice before June. Out of all of the places, T. Rowe Price has me the most confident, but I won’t put any chips down until June.

live my life like a renaissance man (in my case woman) (read all 3 entries…)
Going to rename this goal

After finishing school (will update that as soon as I take a picture with my diploma :D), I have decided that I will keep undergoing my own kind of study (autodidactism) with the help of Susan Wise Bauer and her mother’s books, The Well-Trained Mind and The Well-Educated Mind. Will come update this goal and switch the priorities around a little in the near future. Count on it! :)

graduate college (read all 9 entries…)

So many feelings. Happiness that I finally made it. Embarrassment that it’s only an Associates. But I made it. I am pretty damned sure I made it.

Get more piercings
Decided I wanted more than my two lobes and a cartilage...if you want to do it, just do it.

Ever since I got my cartilage piercing last year, I knew I wanted more ear piercings. (That’s what I meant mostly by this goal; was also considering a nose piercing and possibly another cartilage). I figured I’d give myself a year to think about it, in case I changed my mind. But I didn’t. I asked myself all the time why I wanted more piercings.

Whenever I doodled people, they always had a ton of ear piercings. It’s just kind of part of my style, and I’d like my personal style to reflect the kinds of things I daydream about. To me, it just looks cool. It’s decoration. I can always take out the piercings if I don’t like them. But right now, I like them.

And that’s about it. I got my cartilage piercing from a tattoo shop with friends, and for these lobe piercings, I went to a mall store by myself. Where it gets done doesn’t really so much matter as how I feel by my new look. So, just get in the car and go get pierced, if that is what you want to do! :)

Start a Roth IRA (read all 7 entries…)
Getting closer...going to start this in March! :)

Because March has always been the “green” month for me, I’ve chosen the whole month to focus on starting up my Roth IRA and padding away extra cash (not so much spending) in my emergency savings (which is, lamentably, back down to ~$200).

I have a little over $200 in my checking now, but that will be going to pay school off, since I’m still not sure what I’m going to be paying (all of my financial aid hasn’t kicked in yet).

Start a Roth IRA (read all 7 entries…)
Mini Goal Update: Have $560 in savings now!

Just a mini update: I have $560 in savings now, and I don’t want to let it dip below $500! It’s gonna be hard…

I have to pay for a $420something set of tires (already have $120 saved)

Then pay off the $300 something I have for school by March ($0 put forth, going to get the tires done first then will focus completely on this)

Then scrape together $$$ for books…hoping to be less than $200

Then pay $70something for Ohayocon if I’m still going…

Then pay $110 in bills to my Mom for this month, next month, and the month after that…

I have a long way to go, but a new savings goal set in place: a.) don’t touch the savings money you are putting towards emergency funds…

After that, I’m going to start saving until I get to $1000. Will get back to you on this. Also, I have made it a personal goal for 2011 to get in the habit of reading at least one money magazine a month (Kiplinger’s, Money, Consumer Reports on Money, etc…)

graduate college (read all 9 entries…)
What I've Decided & Beginning Career Planning

I decided to put study abroad on hold and take an Urban Anthropology class for now. I petitioned for graduation a few days ago and don’t know when I will get my yes or no back. I’m inviting my mom and bro and some people to graduation in the spring and still have to apply to Mu Alpha Gamma…the day I have waited so long for is nearly here!! :)

Once I get my diploma, I will be an Associate of the Arts. Then, I would like to move and start school somewhere else. I’m thinking somewhere else in Illinois, and thinking of the following study paths:

1.) Linguist
2.) Working for the Northern Illinois Food Bank
3.) A career in physical therapy or massage
4.) ESL Language Teacher
5.) Librarian
6.) College teacher
7.) Speech Pathologist

So that’s seven. Two are teaching positions. After school gets out in spring, I’d like to take summer to go abroad, like my goal says on here. WWOOFing or teaching English abroad would be fun. I’d like to get more information on teaching English abroad.

A lot of these are language related, because I’ve taken Spanish, German and French classes and have practiced each of these languages; I’d like to add one or two more to the mix and use them actively, in a perfect world. (In other words, I don’t want my efforts in learning languages to be in vain.)

So happy!!

graduate college (read all 9 entries…)

I am sooooo excited! The financial aid department at my school awarded me two grants, so I don’t have to pay hardly anything. So this semester I don’t have to worry about anything (except passing!)

That brings me to next semester, where I am going to be taking the following classes: Intro to Physics, Math 1430 (?), Kickboxing (my friend says a certain teacher is really awesome), and an honors leadership class. I’d like to apply to Mu Alpha Gamma, too. I don’t know if I will take German again. I was thinking about doing study abroad, but I don’t know if I should. Now, I can take out a loan and pay it back and go, which is what I’ve wanted for a long time; but now, the monetary reality of the situation just hits me so hard.

I want to think about it more. I’d either like to go to Costa Rica (to improve my Spanish, which I use more than my German) or go to Germany, just because I want to. But the Costa Rica program cuts into the semester…gack…what should I do?

I’m also interested in doing an Urban Anthropology class, just because it’s an interest of mine. Or should I just make time to go to these museums on my own? I would really like to discuss them, though, as I felt I really benefited from such discussion in a Humanities class I had a few semesters ago.

In any case, I can take out loans for the classes. Just have to make sure they all meet up, and have to try to get work involved on making the spring schedule work. :) Will research a little now, and likely finish this on Monday.

I am so relieved, guys. This is finally looking like reality.

go out on more dates (read all 5 entries…)

There are a few people that I flirted with this weekend, and I don’t know if anything will happen with any of them…

There’s also this really cute guy that works in the computing center, but he looks too snobby almost. :\ Then I had a friend who said good things about Zoosk…

I already asked a guy from my work about going for coffee, and he said yes, but I told him he’d have to pick the place…and he hasn’t said a word about it in over a week. Whoopsie! :P

Start a Roth IRA (read all 7 entries…)
Update on this goal: found some money, and a mini goal - save up $500 and keep it there by the end of October

Okay, as I’m writing this I am totally stoked!!

I know I shouldn’t get so excited about a thing like money, but I’m still really happy. I just got something in the mail last night from my company saying that I haven’t cashed a $182 check they issued me last December (which makes sense, but I don’t have any such check). They have all of the info on it, so I just have to mail them telling them I never got it, and I get the money.

I think it sounds about right, but I don’t know how I could have not realized I that I got a check but never cashed it. Must have been some kind of mix up somewhere in-between my direct deposit changeover and my old boss/hours being too good for me to really care. So, that means $182 dollars for me!

I thought long and hard about what I should put this good fortune towards. Should I spend it all on clothes? That was my first thought, but clothes aren’t a good investment, however badly I think I need them. I also thought about putting it all into some kind of foreign trip fund, but I really don’t want to hear my family moaning and groaning about how irresponsible I am, like they said when my sister went abroad. So I figured I’d split the money – $82 dollars going towards my savings fund, which is currently a little less than $200 (again), and the $100 going as an extra car payment. That means one month less to have to deal with paying back my mom, which is awesome.

I’ve been picking up extra hours at work to 1.) be able to pay my bills on time, and 2.) have more disposable income, since my free hours at school cut down on homework time immensely. With the disposable income, I’ve already whittled my style goal down a little (bought a beautiful fall/winter coat that’s very much in my kind of style), and I plan to use the extra money to work to finish my clothes goal. (Winter gloves/boots are coming this week! Whee!) The extra that goes into my savings account I will try very hard not to touch – I’ve only been dipping into it to cover my butt for gas and food, and that’s about it. So, without further ado: my mini-goal on 43Things is to have $500 in savings by the end of October, and KEEP IT THERE!

That’s halfway towards my halfway to this IRA thing. I plan on going to the library today and checking out a few books on Roth IRAs and 401Ks, since my company just mailed me my password to the 401k account I supposedly have now. Planning for the future: it’s getting better and better…

For the Roth IRA, I’ve been thinking that I should do something kind of like what my brother did when he decided to start a mutual fund a few months ago – give the bank $50 a paycheck, or $100 a month, or whatever. I figured that a good starting point would be to give $100 monthly to the bank for a few months after my car payments are over, then go to $50 a month for a year or two, and see where I go from there. Hoping that, in a year from now, I will be a lot better off financially, and now I realize that I should probably be making solid plans and a foundation for that now instead of just throwing caution to the wind and hoping some money magically appears alongside my…erm…”lax” spending habits.

Once I have my emergency fund in place, I think I should find a way to lock it up unless I absolutely need it. Beginning to think of putting it in a lock box at the bank. Wonder if that costs money?

graduate college (read all 9 entries…)

Now that I’m back in school, I would like to provide a baseline for my goals.

I’m going to keep working at the deli, and I probably won’t do the Halloween job. My own job pays more, and I don’t have the availability for it this year. I already looked at all of the clubs that I was interested in, and applied for more information on them – have yet to receive the information, but I took the first step. I have yet to figure out how to participate more in my current honor society, but I will keep watch for fliers outside the office. As for wanting to get straight A’s, I don’t think it will be that hard, seeing as I already am pretty familiar with all three of the subjects I am taking this semester.

I have three hours between my first and second class three days a week, so that will give me plenty of time to do homework and write papers, etc. I could even start up a study group in that time. I am in German class again, like I wanted to be. (Yay!) College lectures are listed on the page, but there were none listed at the time of writing; still, it’s good to have the page for reference for taking days off later in the year. I discovered that the meditation group still exists, so I asked for more info about it, and I will hopefully receive that information soon. Kickboxing I will take next semester for my P.E. requirement, and I’ll save my sports team madness for outside of school.

I plan on taking Physics next semester, then my final Math course, and then kickboxing (as well as tai chi and/or German); after I complete those courses, I will be eligible to graduate. Then, I am thinking of going back in the summertime for a CNA certification, which will give me more options after I am finished (forever!) at my community college.

So, people, there it all is. It’s very simple. Go to class, take notes, do well on tests, make some phone calls about clubs, take a few nights off of work to participate in clubs monthly and some lectures. I’ve grown a little since writing here last – grown past the desire to buy a school hoodie to feel like an eighteen year old starting at university, past the need to join a school team and live out all of the dreams that have already had their time, and some of them which would never have turned out like I dreamed, anyway. I see what I have before me, because for me, college has been such a bumpy ride: so many disappointments, and so many crushed dreams, but also so many learning opportunities. I need to gradually move past my unreal expectations for this small, community college and my (ever-changing) family situation, because I know there are more things in this world worth wanting than a $48.00 hoodie with a few big blocky letters slapped on the middle. (It seems I’m moving on to wanting a beautiful house with my perfect idea of a kitchen!) ;)

Start a Roth IRA (read all 7 entries…)
Updating on this goal...

A lot has happened since I last wrote on here. I paid off the $400, and the $62 debt seems to be forgotten by my friend, plus he offered it as a gift to me. If he ever needs the money, I will give it to him, but otherwise I am going to waive it.

I have about $150 in savings in the bank, but God only knows if I will be able to keep it there. The emergency funds keep getting used, because I am lax in creating a budget and do not remain disciplined enough to adhere to it. Mercy, mercy me.

I have been trying not to touch it, but my desires versus my income always leave me lacking – even though I feel like I have more control over my desires than most. More than fancy clothes and going out to dinner all of the time, I would like to take a smart step and create an emergency fund, then begin retirement planning.

I first read about retirement planning a year or two ago, and the author wrote that the earlier you start, the more you save up. Time goes fast. You say you’ll open the account today, and so many years go by…then what do you have?

I also have a $50 check from my grandpa that I got for my birthday; I will be putting that in savings if my college textbooks don’t completely eat my checking up. Then, I will be $700 from my emergency savings goal!

join a singing group
Update on this goal

This is another goal that I don’t think school is going to help me accomplish. There is no club for singing at my college, and I would have to pay to take a class to be able to sing with other people.

Having said that, I would much rather try to join a group through, so I’ll focus my efforts there instead. There is also the option of gospel singing, as well. Will I still be allowed to sing, even if I’m not Christian?

join a sports team (read all 5 entries…)
Team Activities I Would Be Interested In

Just to have this here, I’m going to list the kinds of sports I like.

Ice & Floor Hockey

It’s pretty limited, but I’m also interested in boxing, kickboxing and tai chi. Surely I can find a group that also wants to do these things! :)

join a sports team (read all 5 entries…)
Amending this goal

To be honest, I am not going to be able to manage school, work, clubs AND being part of a sports team. Honestly, I think the time for it has already come and passed. In addition, my college doesn’t have any of the sports that I like on its list, so I don’t think I’ll bother joining a sports team here.

However, that does not mean that I am giving up on this goal – merely amending it, so that I may still have the chance to succeed. Around the area, I could have sworn that I saw a casual volleyball team, as well as a soccer team and an intramurals meetup. I would be interested in the intramurals the most, because that’s what I did in middle school, and I liked the variance.

Right now, my foot is injured, so I am not going to reinjure it by engaging in any more physical activity than is needed. So, this goal is going to have to wait until winter break, when I have more time, or springtime – or even in the summer, after I graduate. I am just certain now that I won’t be joining a sports team at school.

go out on more dates (read all 5 entries…)
Ay ay ay!

Okay, so in the past few months I’ve left this space empty, I’ve gone out with someone. What a mistake that was! When talking to someone online, do not be deceived by Myspace angles! You would think that I’d have known that, but boy, did I ever have an encounter. I was so horrified at how awkward the date was that I deleted my profile (for the site I met him on) as soon as I got home.

Now that I’m back in school again, I have the opportunity to meet more people, but it seems that I just can’t manage it. I’m thinking that clubs, more than classes, will give me good odds and less creepy guys.

Gotta keep my head up! There will be someone out there who won’t be a creeper. ;)

work at the renaissance faire (read all 3 entries…)
Did a little networking?

Talked with an old friend who happens to be working at the same Faire that I want to work at. I told her about my interests (mostly cooking and food lately), and she recommended the Dirty Duck guild, which I had read about when I was scanning the website. You still have to audition, and auditions are in February. This brings back bad memories from high school…I was really horrible at improv then, because I was frantic and nervous and, well. Fifteen. You know.

Given that it will be a good six or seven years since then by next February, I think I should give it a shot anyway. I have something up my sleeve this time that I didn’t back then: more confidence (with age, haha). I’m going to look up and practice improv techniques and Elizabethan time period acting – this might help with one of my Bucket List goals of period reenactments.

So, I’m gonna strive to do my best! The Faire is on weekends, and from what my friend said, a lot of people camp out there. That just sounds like it would kick so much butt. Definitely a way of making new friends. (I found that also applied when I worked for a convention earlier this year.) Yes! :)

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