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Day One

Joined Class in Wynberg Cape Town. They were Sparing as a Thursday nite training session.

I poked the punchbags with my fists. Built up a sweat.
Hour and half later we hit the floor. My upper body strength is non-existent.My abs and legs held through its paces.

Feel bit sore. Need ti tighten. My body tooo flexible

moving my sphere- parkour
sphere movement- parkour

currently: kicking & boxing- strength & stamina
soon: capoeira – reclaiming my sphere through my body

eventually: once i am sufficiently adept by having created sufficient strength & command of movement by melding kickboxing & capoeira

i will join a parkour group. Move my sphere with fun & creativity through, over, under, against,around,in between obstacles of my chosing

command my sphere- capoeira
circle control- capoeira

currently: kicking & boxing- building stamina

soon i will re-join a capoeira class to give my body the freedom to flex itself within its entire sphere

soon: accessing my sphere through my body

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