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run a 5K in less than 31 minutes
Sitting at 35...

I have been doing pretty well with my running. I am currently sitting at 35-36 minutes, which for someone who is not naturally a runner, by my standards is pretty good. If I could get my time down it would be a great motivator to increase my distances, I would like to (long term) run longer distances.

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Loving yourself...

I think before I make a decision I love someone else I need to love myself. Right at this point in time I have not been doing this. I am going to start…soon

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No progress, in all honesty.

I have started running this year and it has been going amazingly well. I am beginning to enjoy it and I feel great after it. It helps me start the day well. I am still at 96kg…but I feel I have lost a bit of weight in my tummy and hips :)

The best part about this goal is I am committed I just need to get to work on the excution.

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