at school getting education

I'm doing 20 things

How I did it
How to meet someone special
It took me
5 days
It made me
so happy/loved

How to tell my sister what i really think of her
It took me
2 days
It made me
feel relief

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Finish the Pendragon series
My fav book series

The Pendragon books are good if you haven’t read them and love fiction/fantasy genres then u should read this book. I am currently on the 9th book and trying to get to the last one which is the 10th. It is so interesting i can’t wait to read what happens next and how it is. I plan for my books and stories to be as good as these.

kiss my bf in the rain
its romantic!

I want to kiss my bf in the rain that would be interesting

make my life more interesting
so bored

I get bored really easily and i need constant entertainment. Well maybe not constant but just things i would love to put down in my journal. Lately i’ve been bored alot cuz nothing fun has happened to me. If only i was a wizard or something with magical powers. Or if i had really fun friends that will take me on constant adventures everytime i see them and we hang out. I got friends but they don’t take me on fun adventures or show me fun unforgettable moments

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