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Help my mother sort the basement and get all of my stuff in one place (read all 13 entries…)
Another carload

Took home a car load of stuff out of the basement for the church sale. That and digging through some boxes cleared up a lot of space, got some trash out, found some things that were “missing” and made the back room easy to enter.

Next time…. make the guest bedroom look not so much like a storage room. Which means painting the kitchen and dining room so all the decor stored back there can go on the walls.

Bike to work 60% of commuting days in 2014 (read all 4 entries…)
Cold spell

Finally riding again. Didn’t ride a single day in February, partly due to the cold, and partly due to the lack of habit of getting on my bike. Rode today for the 3rd time this month, though! Back up to 10.5% for the year! It’s going to be gross out tomorrow, and I might go swimming instead of riding, but then Thursday and Friday look great for riding!

Sew an apron for the Egman (read all 3 entries…)
Slowly... slowly...

Fabric was ironed and is now cut out. All ready for the second round of ironing. Damn ironing. Will do it later. If I do one thing on it every week, it’ll still get done before BBQ season, right?

Improve my hydroculture garden (read all 2 entries…)
Hydroponics store

Found a hydroponics store in town. Drove past it several times late in the evenings after leaving my maker club meetings and always told myself that if I ever drove past while it was open I’d stop.

But then…. the sign disappeared. So I frantically searched for them online and found their website. They had just moved a few blocks up and a block off my path, not closed. And thank goodness because they’re the only non-traditional gardening store in town.

So tonight I was ACTUALLY DRIVING BY BEFORE SIX! So of course I stopped in. Asked after water gauges. He didn’t have any, but showed me a couple of pots that might work for me at a later date and sent me off with a hydroponics catalog that would make a pot grower drool. (Everyone seems to think I’m growing pot when I say I grow indoor plants in a hydro solution. Sorry all, just houseplants and rosemary!) But today, I really just needed the water gauge. I’ll have to order on Amazon or make my own from restaurant straws and coffee stirrers (no joke) if they’re too ridiculously priced.

Bike to work 60% of commuting days in 2014 (read all 4 entries…)
Cold ride

Rode another Monday. Up to 15.4% for the year. Every time I feel like that number is low, I remind myself it was 0.0% at this time last year.

In other news. I need to wear better gloves. My fingers still hurt a bit from the cold. Other than that my ride was okay, though.

Get a new job (read all 3 entries…)
Formal application

I filled out the formal application today…. after emailing HR to ask why it wasn’t available on the website yet. But then it went up, and I filled it out, and kept myself from dancing in my cube after I hit the submit button.

Sew an apron for the Egman (read all 3 entries…)
Twill tape purchased.

And some extra Bears ribbon because it was on sale and will look nice along the edge of the pockets. Just for a LITTLE flair. Now need to do the dang ironing part. Don’t like ironing. Worst part of the whole sewing process.

Get a new job (read all 3 entries…)
Initial meeting

My initial meeting went well! I met up with the hiring manager for the department I want to get into and it went really, really well! Now just waiting for HR to publish the job we talked about so I can get formally through the process!

Bike to work 60% of commuting days in 2014 (read all 4 entries…)
First January ride

And it was chilly and windy and wonderful! 12.5% for the year so far!

Buy a House (read all 2 entries…)

We’re buying a lot smaller than we can afford. The banker didn’t know what to do with us when we only asked for $130k and told him we were debt free. There are a lot of houses in this price range in our metro area, the problem is that most of them are OLD OLD OLD. Like 80+ years old.

We found a realtor that understands our pseudo-investment strategy here. We’re going for spending the least possible over 4 years while still being in a good neighborhood as far as commuting goes. We don’t have to worry too much about bad neighborhoods because in our area, those are far outside our commuting region anyway. So we’re mostly aiming at not-on-a-big-street-or-next-to-an-emergency-hospital-entrance kind of good. I bike, so access to trails or calm roads is important. As long as we come out ahead of renting in 4ish years and a sale, we’re cool.

Also hoping for a nice tree free section of yard so we can start a garden! I’m sick of trying to grow things in pots on my unprotected porch. You can only stand the wind making off with your veggies so often before you’re just done with it.

Sleep 8 hours every night
Break was a "wake up" ;)

I had been cruising along with 6 or so hours on average, thinking that maybe I needed more, but no big deal.

Then I slept for 8 or 9 hours every day over my Christmas break from work. And I was super productive and energized and ready for anything.

And then I came back to work and my 6 hour schedule, and I realized I can’t make getting enough sleep something that only happens on vacation. I guess it means going to bed at 9:30 every night, which seems PAINFULLY early, but if I get so much more done by sleeping more, it is worth it.

Starting by making sure I get to bed by then tonight. Tomorrow I’ll have to work on the schedule a bit as I have a club meeting in the middle of the evening. Last night I didn’t get home until 10:00, which was not normal, and definitely made me grouchy.

Eat three servings each of vegetables and fruits every day (read all 2 entries…)
Getting better

I don’t think I’m quite at 3 servings EVERY day, but some days are better than others. I had a banana and orange juice for brunch today, and am planning on making chickpea curry this evening. I’ll probably eat enough onion, chickpea, and whatnot to count for over 3 servings of veggies. Maybe I’ll make blueberry muffins for dessert to get in the third serving of fruit.

But I’m glad I’ve been making progress on this goal, mostly by eating a lot more Indian food and hiding green things in my mashed potatoes. I even ate corn the other day when it was hidden in a samosa, which was a new venture for me. Exercising and going to early morning meetings has helped the fruit intake because bananas and apples are nicely portable breakfast items.

I still can’t do some fruits straight, like oranges, because of the texture, but I’m slowly getting over it. Not sure if I’ll ever be up for salad, again because of the texture, but spinach chopped up is delicious in lasagna and on pizza. But again, I have been making a lot of good progress and eating not only more fruits and veggies, but a greater variety of them as well. (And thank goodness for frozen produce. That helps the variety bit without having to worry about pitching food that didn’t get eaten RIGHT AWAY.)

Do round 3.5 of the Dewey Decimal System challenge.
700 book read

3.5 because I’ve gotten rather ahead on half of the categories, and I don’t want to spend a year reading religion books 5 years down the road because that’s all that’s left on my challenge list. So I’m catching up on categories 200, 400, 700, 800, and 900 before I do a full round 4.

First book read was a autobiographical graphic novel called Persepolis. It was about a girl who grew up in wartime Iran. It made me appreciate growing up in peaceful Iowa. It’s in the 700 category because it was drawn. I tried arguing with the librarian that it should be in the biography section, but she won the argument, so in the art section it stays, I guess.

Bike to work 60% of commuting days in 2014 (read all 4 entries…)

Not liking the outlook on this goal for the first week or so of the year. It’s going to be near zero here with badly plowed trails from a week of snowing. I don’t have the clothes or the tires to handle that right now. I do plan on riding at least once, hopefully more days in January. May just have to wait for the trails to clear up a bit and take the toe cages off my pedals so I can wear my boots to keep my feet warm.

Improve my hydroculture garden (read all 2 entries…)
The idea is to keep stuff alive

Hopefully for a long while. And record what I’ve done so I can improve upon it and hopefully spread the word. It’s a lot less messy than planting in soil. I’ve started in glass jars so I don’t need to buy or make water level indicators. Soon I’ll have to move beyond that because some plants need a little more room than a pickle jar has to offer.

So far I have this plant and a pothos in the expanded clay pebbles. I’ve been growing pothos for years in just water, so I’m reasonably sure they’ll last in the hydroculture environment. The spider plant pictured is my test subject. I’ve only rooted them in water before, so we’ll have to see how it goes. This one I’ve had alive for almost a month in the pebbles after being rooted in water. I have a second older one rooting now, leaving its old soil pot to one of its more prolific pups.

Get a new job (read all 3 entries…)
It's time to move on...

It’s not like I HAVE to get a new one. It’s just become very apparent that the longer I stay in this one, the harder it is going to be to move on to greater things. There’s no learning, no challenge, a dead-in-the-water social atmosphere, and no chance of promotion. So it’s time to get a move on. Hopefully to a different department doing half the things I’m doing now, and half new stuff. (And at a higher job grade…)

If not, it’ll be time to search elsewhere. Which would not be ideal, but better than stagnation and settling for status quo.

Buy a House (read all 2 entries…)

This one is actually within reach! We have a real estate agent, a pre-qualification for a loan, and a down payment saved up. Now we’re just waiting to see if my job situation is going to leave us here in town for long enough to buy here, or if I have to go looking for a job and a house in a different city.

Sew an apron for the Egman (read all 3 entries…)
Measurements taken

This goal rises from the sea, long forgotten, to terrorize the todo list once again.

Measurements taken. Paper saved from Ikea packaging will turn into a pattern. Will have to wander my way to a store for some sort of strap or cording for the ties.

Bike to work 50% of commuting days in 2013 (read all 2 entries…)

Got my percentage up, and then I crashed my bike on Tuesday. Only a few bruises and a scratch on my face, but I was too sore to even think about pedaling for most of this week. Hoping I can keep it up for the next 7 work days or so to solidify the 50% before it gets too cold, and I get too chicken, to ride any more this year.

Next year I’ll be going for 60% and starting earlier in the year.

Devise, build and document an Arduino project (read all 2 entries…)
This has changed somewhat

Our makerspace got a donation of 22 Arduino kits. So now I’m working on getting an Arduino class off the ground for the region. I’m aiming at having my first beta class in January! And hopefully we’ll have one soon after so I can fix whatever kinks showed up the first time around! It’s all very exciting. And I’m getting more confidence on making my own projects in the meantime!

Now I just need someone to teach me how to improve my soldering. SMT scares me!

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