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Work on sleeping pattern (read all 2 entries…)

I’m writing this at 4am. That’s not a good sign.

Work on sleeping pattern (read all 2 entries…)
So far so good.

This week I’ve been going to bed around 10-11pm. So far it’s working out okay. My roommate has been ridiculing me over this, acting all superior because he’s not tired yet.

I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping a lot deeper, and my dreams have been getting much more vivid since sleeping earlier. In turn, this is making it harder for me to wake up fully.

People have always told me that fatigue works on seperate levels, and that if you’ve been fatigued for too long you don’t feel it that much until you’re breaching through the slum and start feeling awake enough to realize how run-down you really are. If it’s true, then that explains what is going on with me right now.

Catch up on Homestuck
I've caught up!

All it did was take a whole week of reading it, but I’m finally done!

And then within even an hour, Hussie added another 5 pages or so. This comic updates fast.


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