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stop drinking (read all 54 entries…)
Hey everybody!!

I’m back :(

stop drinking (read all 54 entries…)
*Alcohol takes another one.......*

I attended a funeral for an old high school classmate this week who reportedly collapsed at home and was admitted to the hospital with liver failure.

So at the funeral home I talk to one of his best friends and get the rest of the story…....he very recently found out he has HIV and was drinking out of depression…....word was when he got to the hospital his blood alcohol concentration was .46!!

Good ol’ AL…....just as effective as a handgun….and yet another reason to take a hard look at the perils of drinking.

stop drinking (read all 54 entries…)
So why am I here at 7:00 in the morning instead of driving to work?

Well that’s easy…’s because I had to take the whole day off without pay to drive over 100 miles round trip and spend $108.00 to have my breathalyzer recalibrated on my truck.

Oh don’t pity me though…..I’m the FUCKUP who chose to drink and drive and am still paying through the nose for it over two years later.

Just do me favor and look at me as an example of how you don’t want to end up.


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