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I heard from a friend today

that a women I have been in AA with and has struggled with addiction right along side me has died of an overdose. She has struggled for years and had been sober for awhile and died November 13th. She leaves behind 3 beautiful children and was the ripe old age of 35.

This is the reality of addiction.

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Still Free

It’s interesting, I was typing in the title for my post and typed in “still” and “struggling” popped up. Nope, that’s not me today, but I remember those days so well. I don’t want to forget them, honestly. It keeps me going in the right direction. I am still alcohol free and going on 4 months without caffeine. I haven’t been this content and happy in years. I have let go of the guilt and shame and laid it to rest with the alcohol.

I remember how I poured my heart out on this site and how much it has helped and inspired me. Keep doing the same everyone.

Like Kaslo said, it can be done.

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Checking In

I’m still alcohol and caffeine free. I never knew it was possible to sleep as well as I do. It’s amazing. How did I make it so many years without sleep because I was drinking? Too many.

I am happy and healthier than I’ve been in years. Thank God the alcohol is gone

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