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Write the rules for Greenwood Legends
Status Update

I’ve been making progress – quite good progress – with this. I am playing with the formatting and layout as I go which is slowing me down enough to read and re-read as I go along.

I think it reads quite well and the game mechanic seems sound.

Apply for a PhD (read all 2 entries…)
Still waiting for the axe to fall

I have two queries out at the moment. One is six weeks old, the other coming up for five.

In both cases I have not had any kind of receipt or acknowledgement of my question (essentially, “Dear Prof X, Are there any opportunities for supervision for this topic?” except without the X-Men reference and with a bit of manners wrapped around the outside.

It’s a really complicated process – in as much as it seems rather informal – and there is no way of knowing whether I should just keep waiting, or follow up with a polite query.

I’ve started to look for places outside of London, and indeed outside of the UK, to apply, but it is not clear to me where the research sits. Is it drama, is it theory, is it system design, is it creative writing?

The truth is that it is a multidisciplinary / intermedial topic and it seems as though most universities don’t like that sort of thing. Too much overhead for not much return. Given that I also want (need) to do it part time I think I’m on a hiding to nothing.

Apply for a PhD (read all 2 entries…)

I have two query letters out with two different universities.
I have had one reply – along the lines of “interesting, but I have no time to supervise.”

I should be getting my two academic references sorted over the next week or so

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