i have to some how do it to get to the top

Stress Less and Smile more




make friends around the world using watsapp

I like to chat with people whom o dont know..with them i can share anything ..aso if any one is intrested post ur phn no..or msg it to me..or mail

get an internship

actually i have internship…but i want a better where i get to learn more thing

love life

life is short ,,,live it and love it :D

Let go of the past
This is what i really need to do

Past is such a small word but i has so much in it,, the bad memories the good ones..the bad one make you hold yourself good ones just bring a bright smile on your face..i really want to let go my past my child hood,,,,i want my mom back,,

go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
i really want a roadtrip with my friends

i dont have time i dont have a bike i dont have money but yes one day i will surely go on a road trip for a whole month.. discover new place new people ..make memories,, brighten up my dull life ..hope the day will come soon

learn to make roti

i jst need learn hoe to cook it without tearing :D

regret nothing

:( srsly i want to do this

buy my own car

i want to buy my car i am 19 i dont have a job i am studying i dont know how will i do it but i srsly want to own a car i earn only 3k a month from internships :( what should i do

make so many friends so that i am not bored ever

hey i am sahil i want to make friends so that i can share myself with them add me on face book my user id is sahilb2

make friends around the world using Skype.

hey i also want to make friends all around the world so please add me my id is sahil.bansal420 :)) pls add me



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