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get off zoloft
it's been just over a week now without zoloft.

i’m not a doctor, and these pills mess with your nervous system in subtle ways. the withdrawal symptoms can be intense, but also keep in mind that if you let them get to you you are actually making it worse, because that adds anxiety and stress to your situation.

my advice: be absolutely certain of your decision and do not mope about it, just get on with your life. take cold showers and drink raw apple cider vinegar to help your nerves. and meditate! in just a little while your life will be much better, healthier and real.

if you are physically up to it, you might also try the master cleanse. it will quickly end the withdrawal symptoms and remove any traces of it from your body. you’ll also feel a lot better and very accomplished!

ride my bike more
bought a beater bike yesterday.

she’s an 80s era american-made huffy 10-speed road bike in pretty good condition! the breaks are squeaky. i plan on becoming a regular at a bike coop here in austin so i can learn how to work with this thing. until then, i’m riding a two-mile route i made myself twice a day so i can get in better shape.

master cleanse
my first cleanse,

and i’m on day 4. i am doing this to remove any toxins leftover from smoking (i quit two weeks ago), cure my allergies, get some more energy and some motivation to go on a raw foods diet.

i haven’t eaten meat in years but i’m getting crazy cravings for cheeseburgers and stuff. yuck! supposedly, as your body breaks down the toxins stored in fat, and the reenter your blood stream, you will get powerful cravings or even taste flashbacks. they will be eliminated with the SWF in the morning.

this is not the easiest thing in the world to do but it feels like the problems are mostly mental rather than physical.

does anyone know if it’s ok to drink kombucha or apple cider vinegar? neither are significant sources of calories or other digestive stimulants, and both are alkalizing and helpful to detoxification. just wondering if anyone has any real experience with them on the cleanse.


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