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stop using gendered insults

... and limit my insults/epithets/cursing, etc. to things that are genuinely distasteful. Shit (although not asshole) is still fair game. I need to quit using bitch, especially (and son of a bitch, which I hardly ever use anyway).

Also on the thoughtlessly awful list: retarded (in any sense but the literal, ie: socially retarded, still okay; ‘you’re/that’s retarded’ not okay), pussy and wuss, douchebag, fucktard, fuck with any negative connotation.

Words actually do have meaning, and a subtle power. I’m no longer going to consciously contribute to an atmosphere of misogyny, sex negativity, and hatred.

see a volcano
most days, when weather permits

Here’s hoping I don’t wake up one morning buried under forty feet of lahar.

teach my son to read (read all 4 entries…)

He’s reading Cat In The Hat and Teletubbies all by himself. He rocks!

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