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How to hike the superior hiking trail
It took me
15 days
It made me
addicted hiking.

How to hike the pacific northwest trail
It took me
61 days
It made me

How to go camping in Montana
It took me
24 years
It made me

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Go split boarding
Earn your Turns

I have been snowboarding since 1989 so this winter will be my 20th season. I recently moved to the mountains of Bozeman, Montana where backcountry is measured in the millions of acres with countless couloirs and bowls to be carved. There are no lifts to these hills and people desiring these descents must first make the ascents. I’ve recently become the proud owner of a Prior Khyber split board, Spark R&D bindings, and Voile skins on which I will be experiencing the freedom of the hills this winter and for many winters to come.

Race in the Arrowhead 135
The Arrowhead Winter Ultra

The Arrowhead Winter Ultra is a non-profit human powered ultramarathon on bike, foot or skis, covering 135 miles across the Arrowhead Region of Northern Minnesota from International Falls near the Canadian border to Tower, MN. The course follows a scenic, hilly, State multi-purpose trail under extreme winter conditions the first Monday of February.

go heli skiing
Fun? Yes. Environmentally friendly? No.

I like the idea of getting into the places and riding the terrain that a helicopter could do for a person but as I move through life I’m finding that human-powered activities are more my cup of tea. Even if it means slaving under the weight of a pack on a split board all the way up the side of a mountain, the turns I get to take will be far more enjoyable once I’ve earned them with my own sweat and labor.

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