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is getting there! yay..

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Enjoy the single live and live it up

i need to get over HIM, and enjoy being young and single.. if someone comes along while i’m on this path then i won’t complain but right now i’m finally on the road back to being my old fun self!

tell the people I love that I love them
i need to.

i could write, and write about how much i love that special someone.. yet when it comes to simply saying those three words – i love you – outloud i just can’t do it.

be a role model

i’d love to be the person some little girl aspires to! like a big sister i suppose, showing them that being confident is all about being comfortable in your own skin.
i’d of loved to have someone around to tell me this, and someone to aspire to instead of the likes of paris hilton, and katie price…

stop buying things i dont need. (read all 2 entries…)

haha, yes indeed i do admit failure on this!

i went shopping on wednesday – i bought a denim jacket for £45! although it was very nice + bang on trend, but i am never going to wear it.. and did i heck need it?! haha!!

although i am going to try and save. right now i have only £85 to my name..

to complete a list of 50 things to do before i die
50 things.

number one…

it make some time to complete my list.

get to know many different people!

so i stick to the same time’s of friends; fashion forward, outgoing party type chicks..

so it’s time to get to know people who aren’t anything like me.
people who can teach me there’s more to life that how we look/act.
people who can tell me straight up whether i’m making a mistake rather than having to follow the crowd.
i want to be different.

be comfortable with my body (read all 2 entries…)
maybe it's time to open my eyes..

i need to be realistic, there’s always going to be something about myself i don’t like. whether i’m a size 6, or 16.

so for now, i give up on all the dieting.
maybe in the future i’ll look back at this and think of myself as a failure, but for now i’ll look at it as realising it’s time to grow up and look at what you’ve got.

get a boyfriend

i’ve had my fair share of them. but yet, none of them have been ‘special’.. i want a guy who i can’t get out my head all day, and i can’t sleep without him.. i love his smell, and love hearing his voice..

please come soon..

fall head over heels in love

i’ve never been ‘in love’.
okay, so theres been the few relationships where its all ‘i love you, dont know what i would do without you’ but as if i actually mean it? it’s all lies.. a bit of fun..

but i want to be able to say it out loud, and for both of us to mean it.. i want mr right to come looking for me.

Get a job! Get a job!
money, money, money!

i want a job, or infact not so much wanting one – i need it.
with college coming up, i have no money to live off and no way of paying any funds back.
so i’m going to go job hunting in the next week! x

stop falling in love with every guy with whom i share any vague connection or interest
so true.

a drunken momment of madness leads to unneccesary phone calls.. next thing you know.. you’re hooked on him.

love my body
someone teach me, please..

I’m a size 8 and still unhappy (i have lost alot of weight over the past 3 years, i used to be a size 14..) but i think i want to be smaller. Eveyone says i have lost weight, but i don’t see it; i only see clothes labels. My goal was always to be a size 8, but now that i’m there; i don’t feel different. I think the only way i might have a chance of loving my body is if i lose more weight..

prove everyone wrong
im going to.

all you haters; i WILL prove you wrong.

i can make it.

feel sexy
i want to feel it..

Okay, so like someones already said i want to not just be sexy, i want to feel sexy..

just someone saying “you’re hot”.. isn’t enough for me; that doesn’t make me feel sexy, it makes me feel like a sex toy. I want a man to desire me, for my curves and all my imperfections! (noones perfect!)

Have an unforgettable senior year
sad, sad times.

Okay, so just under nine weeks left of school..
and i’m going to make it unforgetable.

have some amazing’ memories with all my friends, who scarily.. i might not see again..

do 50 crunches every day (read all 2 entries…)

i set this goal just yesterday, and i have failed..
but i’m not going to count it as giving up.. (okay, its cheating!) so tonight, before bed.. 50 crunches it is! wooo..

do 50 crunches every day (read all 2 entries…)

i did over a 100 the other day, and the next day i couldn’t laugh or even move.. haha! but yeah, i’m going to try at 50 a day..

have a summer romance
just like the classic film grease, please..

yes, yes, yes.

think before i speak
i'm awful at this.

its time for me to finally realise that i need to think before i speak. as i always put my foot in it!!

any tips on how to stop?
as i’ve tried a few times, and it doesnt work.

no makeup
bin it.

my goal, my the end of the year is instead of wearing my ten layers of slap that i do now after reading another girls blog i’m gonig to bin it all, and wear only a very thin layer of foundation and mascara (okay, of course with bronzer and conceler over it!)

it might not be a big deal for alot of woman, but i’m so self confident without the makeup, that i’ve been hiding my identity under it.. i don’t even think my best friends can remember what i look like without it!!

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