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Moving from London to NYC

I may be moving to NYC to live and work. I’ve been offered a position at my employer’s US office and may be going at the end of August, just after my birthday.

The reason why I say ‘maybe’ is that a definitive ‘yes’ depends on salary negotiations, but hopefully we’ll manage to reach an agreement and I may be changing my life completely! Like a French friend observed yesterday: “That doesn’t happen to many Brazilian girls!” :P

This is scary though, I get nervous about leaving so many people I love here in London, but this is an incredible opportunity, I may regret if I don’t go for it (taking a deep breath).

I know it will be an awesome experience, but I get this funny feeling in my tummy everytime I think about it. These transition times are the best – they make you feel very much alive.

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Too much to read

I have reached my maximum capacity for reading. I think I hadn’t realised the amount of reading I do on a regular basis before setting ‘Read More’ as a goal.

This is part of my job, so I can say I spend 90% of my day reading. And there is a lot to read for my freelance work as well. I read for leisure in the morning whilst having breakfast, on my way to work I read the broadsheet paper or the Metro, on the way back I read a book. At the moment I am reading Dirty Havana Trilogy of Pedro Juan Gutierrez. This book has lost its initial energy though and got a bit boring, so I shall move on soon.

Then before sleeping I read children’s stories on the Internet or else some light reading, I have the pocket essentials by Tim Burton on my bedside.

get a motorcycle licence
a sign...

I’ve just moved into a friend’s place and whilst I was cleaning up I found all this study material, and now I have started to study the theory to get a motorcycle license! I always wanted to have a Vespa, with big sunglasses and scarf on. Very 60’s :)

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