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stay up all night
tolatrty funn

i satesy up till 8 am one slp ova it qas fuunnn then i faleed alepp at 9 pm

board 4 lyfw nan

i been boardin 8 timeesss and im lvl 6 and i go in terrain prk and gert big air fun fun funnnn

sneak out of the house
ive done it manytikes

if snuck out of my house with my best friends courtney carmichale hanna agerbo and camryn witty 4 times once in the apartment buildings by the tsawwassen ferrys sat hannas and we went to 7 11 crossing biking along the big dark msany cars on hwy and at my house jumping out a window 3 times and then today they mett me aat my house ant i went out th fronty door lovedd it just dont get caught ifn ur under 16 and the police catch u u get drived homew iwth sirens on im only 12 thiough and never benn caught


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