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Receive a postcard from all 50 states (read all 2 entries…)
So excited

carpe_diem_for_me is sending me 4 postcards. I cant wait till they get here!!

move to Florida
raised in FL 20yrs

I was born in PA and my fam moved to FL when I was 5. I have to say I love it, its home. BUT if you arent from FL or you havent lived there long you wont like it as much. Its a melting pot, its not like Georgia with its southern hospitality. Many cultures are here and mixed up. If you live in south florida there are a lot of island folks: PR, DR, Cuba, Haiti…if you live in central FL there are a lot of transplants from up north: NY, NJ, PA. Northern FL is less of a melting pot but still there arent many ‘down home’ traditions. FL can be a happening place to live, if you’re in the right place. Its fun and fast growing. It is almost always hot, but our summers are like up north winter. Its so bad you stay inside for a while. It gets a lil chilly in the ‘winter’but there are many times when you’re wearing shorts for christmas. It rains every afternoon at 3pm in July _ and yes the lightning can get bad, but you’re on a peninsula for crying out loud. A lot of the reason people arent friendly and cant drive is because those ppl are from NY or NJ. Duh they cant drive! lol Actual natives (which are few) or people who have lived here for MANY years arent as bad. In my opinion, if you accept all the above, come on down! If not, stay home.

Receive a postcard from all 50 states (read all 2 entries…)
I'd love to!

I’m getting married next year and my fiance and I would like to have postcards from all the southern states so we can use them as table cards at the reception. We travled thru the southern states one time and enjoyed it A LOT and this would be awesome to have.


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