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  1. 1. travel to antartica
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  2. 2. forgive myself
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  3. 3. graduate from college
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  4. 4. read the harvard classics
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  5. 5. LEARN CSS
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  6. 6. lose 50 pounds
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Quit Smoking
Best thing I've ever done for myself

It’s been three years. Not the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I am so glad I did it. A few points to ponder:

1. The desire to smoke will pass whether or not you smoke, so don’t smoke: just put it off for another 10 minutes. Repeat as necessary until nap time.

2. Naps are your friend.

3. Drink lots of water. You should already be drinking lots of water. If you’re not, start now. Yes, I know coffee is mostly water. Not what I’m talking about. WATER.

4. Take baths. Swim in a pool or the ocean. I don’t know what it is with water but it really helped me.

5. Learn to breathe. Most of our breathing has been conscious breathing (i.e. inhaling). You need to re-learn how to breathe, especially when you’re stressed.

Send a PM if you feel like you need to.

Travel to Antartica
Polar Cruises

30 days from Tierra Del Fuego to New Zealand. On an icebreaker!!!!

This looks like the one I want to do. It’s silly expensive but I think I can swing it next year.

There are so many reasons why I want to do this: I guess I’ll be writing about it a bunch as it comes up.


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