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  1. 1. Love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength
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  2. 2. Learn how to organize my life
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  3. 3. Come across friends that turn out to be TRUE friends
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  4. 4. become more confident
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  5. 5. Believe in myself
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  6. 6. be happy
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  7. 7. eat healthier
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  8. 8. exercise regularly
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  9. 9. Learn to swim better
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  10. 10. learn streetdance
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  11. 11. finish nursing school
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  12. 12. blog
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  13. 13. stop being lazy
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  14. 14. live in the moment
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  15. 15. go to australia
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  16. 16. Live in another country
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  17. 17. go backpacking
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  18. 18. travel the world
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  19. 19. have children someday
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  20. 20. go on a cruise
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  21. 21. bungee jump
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  22. 22. Learn to play the guitar
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  23. 23. learn to sing
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  24. 24. kiss someone with pop rocks in my mouth
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  25. 25. fly in a hot air balloon
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  26. 26. Go skydiving
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  27. 27. Go white water rafting
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  28. 28. go canoeing
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  29. 29. Go Kayaking
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  30. 30. Pass my 2nd Nursing internship with good results
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  31. 31. love
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How I did it
How to fall in love with my soul mate
It took me
3 years
It made me
Happy and in love!

How to get my drivers licence
It took me
8 months
It made me
Relieved & HAPPY!

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Fall in love with my soul mate
How I fell in love with my boyfriend 1,5 years ago (18th Sept, 2012)

I fell in love with my boyfriend on our 3rd date, when we shared our first kiss after spending an amazing day together during a city-travel in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

That day we took a guided-tour at a very old church called ‘Sint Jan’ in the city of Den Bosch. We were actually too late to inscribe ourselves for this guided-tour, but then we found out that a last group (of people who were all colleagues of eachother)was starting the last tour of that day. My boyfriend talked to the guide and luckily the guide then offered us to join them:) Which we did! Finally after passing through the beautiful old architecture and climbing quite a lot of stairs! ..we reached the balcony which provided an amazing view of the city of Den Bosch (oficially called ’s Hertogenbosch) While enjoying the view I also enjoyed the amazing chemistry whe had.

Next we took a boattrip together trough the ‘Binnendieze’ canals of Den Bosch. Although there were like 6 other people with us in this small boat I still found the trip really nice and even a bit romantic :) I think it was mostly because I realized he took time and effort to come up with this idea and then taking me there for our date.

As it was getting late we got hungry and therefore got ourselves a Subway sandwich. After that we decided it was time to head back to our hometown. So we were walking and holding hands on our way to the train station as at one point we look over each at other, slow down and stop to lean in for our first kiss! <3

My goal was to fall in love with my ‘soul mate’. I honestly don’t know if I still believe in a ‘soul mate’. But what I CAN say is that since that kiss this man has become my favorite person in the world! I never though I could care that much for someone who isn’t in fact a close family of mine. I can see myself growing old with this person and even starting a family with him at one point in the future. Therefore I am happy to declare this goal: Completed! ;)

get my drivers licence (read all 2 entries…)
Yeah I did it!

I haven’t been on 43Things for years now and came across this goal I had in 2011 and realized I now achieved it:)

On 24th of november 2011 I managed to get my drivers licence!! But I didn’t get it before failing my driving exams 3 times! And crying the 3rd time at the driver school after I heard I didn’t pass again! I spent a great amount of money paying for my driving lessons and it was really hard being a student on a low budget. But looking back it was all worth it and I am really gratefull that I finally passed! :)

However I didn’t drive that much after passing my exam. Because the car I had broke and I didn’t have the money to buy another one. So since then I have been travelling by bus or bike (which is something VERY common to do here in The Netherlands!)
As the years went by I now (in 2014) feel strongly about wanting a car! So that is going to be my next goal from now on:)

kiss someone with pop rocks in my mouth
LOL !!

As a prank! I wonder what the reaction will be! LOL :D

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