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  1. 1. have a deeper relationship with Christ
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  2. 2. be content being single
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  3. 3. start a hope chest
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  4. 4. sew a quilt
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  5. 5. go backpacking
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  6. 6. Fall in love
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  7. 7. learn all of the words to "Ice Ice Baby"
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  8. 8. Have my writing published
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  9. 9. run a marathon
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  10. 10. learn to ballroom dance
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  11. 11. Visit the Czech Republic
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be content being single

I read a quote one time that said that there is something special about being single. ”... You aren’t waiting just for the sake of waiting; you are waiting for someone.” That puts things into SUCH a different perspective!

Joshua Harris wrote, “When we define our happiness by some point in the future, it will never arrive. We’ll keep waiting until tomorrow. If we allow impatience to govern us, we will miss the gift of the moment. We’ll arrive at that point in time that we expected to provide fulfillment and find it lacking.” I don’t want to live my life looking forward to dating and marriage while being unhappy with my singleness now; I really will miss the joy of the present. I don’t want to spend my time wishing that I was in a relationship and being depressed and lonely; I have incredible friends and no pressure of a relationship currently – so I am going to be content being single and wait for God’s timing for anything else.

Fall in love

I have no idea when this will happen.. my standards are quite high and I have decided not to settle for less because I would rather be single than date a jerk or a heartbreaker. One day, though…

sew a quilt

I started sewing with a sewing machine in third grade, got my own machine in middle school, but I have recently stopped sewing. I have never attempted to make a quilt, since it’s a little different than sewing skirts and such, but that’s one of my goals in the next few months (once I find fabric I like).

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