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write a book... a good book that people will want to read
Do it! It will change your life

I have written several non-fiction books and they have allowed me to quickly become financially independent while helping others.

Here’s a quick way to get it done:

1. Choose something you are passionate about

2. Create a compelling title and one-sentence summary of the book

3. Outline, in detail, the content of the book, chapter by chapter

4. Each week complete one new “stand alone” article which will become one of the chapters or sections of a chapter in your book

5. Submit your article to publishers as a stand-alone article. Just one article often pays $250-$500 in small publications and gets your name out there. After having several smaller pubs buy your work, larger magazines will begin picking you up.

Using this method you can complete a short book in 3-4 months and a longer one in 6-12.

Journal regularly
After 25 years of daily journaling...

Keeping a journal and reviewing it weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually has allowed me to live with my eyes open and see both my strengths and weaknesses.

Journaling has made me a better husband, father, friend and human.

It will change your life.

Strive to write something every day—don’t worry about writing “everything”, just something. Once it becomes your routine everything else will eventually fall into place for you.

lose 100 pounds
22 down, 78 to go

After 7 years of ignoring my health I suddenly found myself 100 pounds overweight with a host of health problems (some related, some not.)

So far I have lost 22 pounds—down from 287 to 265.

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