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  1. 1. get my lip pierced
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  2. 2. be a paranormal investigator
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  3. 3. Be a better friend
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Stop cutting

as i thought i was recovering from cutting. i relapsed again. but its noy me im worrying about. i would rather help others. that might better myself. so anybody who needs advice or wants to talk, you can always talk to me. even if im just some stranger.

Be a better friend

my friend lost her virginity and shes only 14. i thought it was skanky, and whorish. so didnt everyone of her other friends. please someone tell me what to do. i still wanna be a friend. i just dont wanna be a friend to a whore. because she is one for a known fact. she didnt even love him.

be a paranormal investigator

i wanna be one.. i always watch the ghost hunter/haunted shows. im more intrested in the EVP’s though.

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