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  1. 1. go to Montenegro
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  2. 2. learn how to play mahjong
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  3. 3. learn woodworking
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  4. 4. Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes
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  5. 5. Learn to play the piano
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  6. 6. Make more "real" friends
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  7. 7. Read 52+ Books in 2007
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  8. 8. be the "cool" aunt
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  9. 9. practice mindful consumption
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  10. 10. make a smaller ecological footprint
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  11. 11. see the northern lights
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  12. 12. Skydive
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  13. 13. Learn to surf
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  14. 14. Learn to juggle
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  15. 15. learn to play classical guitar
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Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes (read all 2 entries…)


I completed the Sussan Womens 5k Fun Run on 2 Dec in 41:53.
I was pretty buzzed about running the whole way (i.e. not stopping to walk at all). Oh yeah and the goody bag and tshirt are awesome :))

my next one is ASICS in mid-Apr

Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes (read all 2 entries…)
Sussans "fun" run

I’ve started running to work in the morning. I worked out its 5.5km. I can’t really believe it yet that I’m actually doing it. I bring a week’s worth of clothes on monday, then run all week. Crazy.


I’ve actually signed up for a fun run in December. And I seem to find myself in training for it. SO odd considering my couch potato history.

I find that the hardest thing is getting out the front door – once I’m gone its just a matter of keeping going, and I eventually (60mins later) get to work. Still amazing

learn to play classical guitar

i have the guitar – a lovely Maton my partner bought – now i just have to find $30 in my weekly budget for lessons…

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