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invest in stocks

I had a 401k, it doesn’t count. Also had a Roth IRA, doesn’t count either. What counts now is me picking and selecting individual stocks. No mutual funds!!!

Actually opened an account with an online brokerage site as well, but didn’t do anything with it, so I closed it. Also closed and made early withdrawals on 401k and Roth IRA (and paid substantial penalty fees, not to mention loss of potential gains), one of the stupidest things i ever did in my life. Anyhow, time to do it all over again, the right way this time.

Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea

A rather romantic idea, so why not. I have things i need to get off my chest anyway (that none other than the heavens and in this case the seas should know).

write down as many of my earliest memories from childhood as I can remember
Might as well list them here (part 1):

3. My very first luscious kiss (very wet hehe) at maybe the age of 7 with my cutest cousin while all the other cousins were sleeping late at night .. sweeeeet memory :) .. n now we don’t even keep in touch anymore, although she’s in my friendster .. not sure if she remembers, maybe i should ask hehe

2. My dad had an minor accident (fell off his motorcycle) on a workday, so i was surprised to see him lying in bed sleeping while usually he won’t be home until the evening, n i remembered waking him up n then my mom told me what happened n asked me to let him sleep for a while

1. My earliest memory: my Catholic baptism when i was still a baby, i think i remembered the very second the cold water was poured over my head and it startled me (maybe then cried, who knows, it’s only a 1-second memory hehe, n someone’s holding me, possibly my mom), although i could have mistaken that for some other memory as i was less than 2 yrs old then, seems to be too early to possibly have any recollection, but i choose to believe that i really was aware of what was going on at such a young age

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