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  1. 1. write a screenplay
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  2. 2. lose some weight
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  3. 3. watch more movies
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  4. 4. learn to cook
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  5. 5. Take more photos
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  6. 6. build an iPhone app
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  7. 7. Get organized and Stay organized!
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watch more movies
Still working on it

Have been thinking of starting a podcast if I can get some people that would be interested in pursuing such a project. It would require me to watch more movies in the process.

build an iPhone app

I have built and released an application in the iTunes store through my job, but now I would like to create my own.

walk across every bridge in Saskatoon

Over the years that I have lived in Saskatoon I have walked across all of the bridges at one time or another. I have yet to walk across the Circle Drive bridge since they completed the widening of the bridge. It looks as though the walkway is now suspended below the roadway.

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