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  1. 1. facebook less
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  2. 2. Do the Couch to 5k running plan
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  3. 3. drink more water
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  4. 4. produce amazing marketing materials
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  5. 5. own my own home
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  6. 6. meditate
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Meditate, live in the moment, be mindful, whatever I want to call it...

Living in the moment comes quite easily to me i.e. I don’t plan ahead and can ‘go with the flow’ in a way that leaves other (more organised) people horrified. However I do find concentration and focus challenging, and I expend a lot of mental energy thinking about the future, the past, or other people, rather than thinking about myself.

I would like to train my mind and also I know it is very good for health, and in future, when I’m older, could be used to help prevent pain or overcome suffering. It’s a cunning thing to learn in advance of needing it.

own my own home

Really important to define what I want as a first step. It’s not easy because there always have to be compromises. I decided today not to compromise on outdoors space. In an environment of increasing food insecurity, I want to grow my own food and be as self-sufficient as possible. Not to mention that I love trees, and to be able to see the stars at night. Guess I’m moving out of London, then.

facebook less (read all 3 entries…)

Time tracking is scary. It tells me I spent 3 hours on facebook today, argh! What a waste of time. RescueTime is a great application though as it just tracks what websites you are on in the background.

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