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  1. 1. master cleanse
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master cleanse (read all 2 entries…)
Day 1 and questions

So I started the Master Cleanse today. Feel great about it, though I do have a bit of a headache that I think is more from the 2 glasses of wine I had last night and lack of caffeinne in my system than anything else. I have a high-stress job as a producer on a live daily TV show, but Fridays are slow and I have the weekend to lock myself away so I’m hoping I’ll be in good shape come Monday. I’m moving in with my girlfriend in a couple of weeks and am packing my apartment up, so I feel this juice fast will really help revitalize me and purify my toxified body.

I’ll dig through the sites that talk about the MC today again, but I do have a couple questions for the masses—
1) Should I definitely not take any vitamins during this fast? I have a good green made-from-food multi that I’ll take 3 of each day when I remember. Should I give my digestive system a break from all this too?
2) How much of the lemonade should I drink a day? Is there a height/weight ratio?
3) Is there any reason why I can’t mix it up a little bit and drink other non-toxifying liquids? Say, for instance, a mushroom broth? Would that interfere with what the lemonade formula is doing in cleansing my body?

Thanks ~ !

master cleanse (read all 2 entries…)
Starting tomorrow...

Heard about someone else doing a (totally different) fruit-juice fast and it motivated me to do this one… I’m starting tomorrow, will post on any major developments as they happen… I did 5 days or so about a decade ago, kicking it off with this nasty fermented sauerkraut juice to flush my system, but this time my goal is going to be 15 days…


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