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  1. 1. chase a tornado
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  2. 2. visit Russia
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  3. 3. drink absinthe
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  4. 4. live in a house with two staircases
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  5. 5. go to grad school
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  6. 6. go zorbing
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  7. 7. live my life in love
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  8. 8. go skinnydipping at night
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  9. 9. visit Geel, Belgium
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  10. 10. have an adventure
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  11. 11. practice another religion
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  12. 12. make my book idea a reality
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  13. 13. move to a non-English speaking country
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  14. 14. save my money
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  15. 15. work out regularly
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  16. 16. travel from london to shanghai by train
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  17. 17. take more baths
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  18. 18. pay off my student loans
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Get a job I like

i’m teaching english. and i’m already thinking of all the other things i want to do when that’s done later this year. getting a job you like isn’t as hard as it seems … you just have to be willing to leave the so-called “security” of the boring, going nowhere job you have.

be a teacher
just teach

i took a job in americorps that allows me to assist teaching english to immigrants and refugess, AND allows me to organize and teach my own public speaking program. all that, and i’m only just out of uni, with no teaching degree. i started talking to this woman who’s a few years older than me and is currently in a post-grad program for teaching ESL. i realized i’ve learned by experience in the first six weeks all the things she’s supposedly learning in a year. that’s when i decided to scrap getting a degree or certificate in education – i’m already a teacher! so instead i’m going to study something i’m interested in, and that i can pass on to others. there are plenty of jobs out there for well-qualified teachers who aren’t technically “certified”. why waste my time?

graduate with my love of learning intact

i still love to learn. just not in the classroom. and that is ok.

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