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Keep a detailed food diary for 7 straight days
simple math - calories in & calories out

I run a lot. I also sit a lot in front the computer and work. I eat quite a lot – probably somewhat more than a should.

That’s why a want to do an experiment and write down everything i eat for a full week and then decide what i would like to change about my diet.

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strange thing this thing

strange thing this 43T website. I’ve missed it. I’ve kept on having my own list of objectives but somehow it isn’t the same as publishing my goals online for everyone to see and everyone to cheer and support.

i can not believe i’ve been offline for about 30 months… some goals i’ve proudly finished, some i had totally forgotten about and some are still very relevant!

but it’s time for a second chance – 43 things. I’m back!

Helping others to help themselves

I have currently made 87 kiva loans so I have 13 more to go to reach this goal.

The first Kiva loan I ever made was to a woman called Ana, who lives in Peru. The loan was funded on 18 February 2008 and was repaid in full 9 months late.

The description of the project touched my heart and it goes as follows:

Mrs. Ana, is a very hardworking woman that is always aware of the wishes of her family; many years of hard work and effort have allowed her and her husband to manage their own businesses and be able to finance the dreams of their children.

Ana wants to be able to keep her family together and at the same time has a deep sorrow knowing that her mother has pancreatic cancer. For this reason, she wants to take advantage of every moment to spend time with her mother and her family and wishes to forge ahead despite all the sad moments in her life that she won’t let defeat her. As part of her improvement projects, she wishes to increase her income through increasing her inventory of wood. To bring this to fruition, she asks for a loan so she can improve her dear mother’s quality of life if only for a few months. Support this woman of great valor and strength.

check it out if you want to join the movement:

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