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move out on my own
It will be grand.

You already know this. I’m moving in with Fenton. Zootalours! I actually have a fair amount of stuff. Depressingly enough, I have been ready to “move out on my own” since probably graduation from High School, because my parents have just been giving me stuff since I did that whole, “of age” thing at eighteen. Here’s what I have:

*One Jerker Ikea desk
*Three bookshelves
*A dresser
*A bed (I think- or hope, rather)
*A sewing desk
*A few sets of dishes (retro->chili bowls with handles, YESS!, Fluorescent rubber ikea stuff, wine glasses, plates and small plates matching retro chili bowls, and COMING SOON a set of handmade pottery: Japanese soup bowls, dipping dishes and sushi plates, as well as a teapot, mugs and several pottery casserole dishes. And a pottery fruitbowl. Awesome.)
*A toaster oven
*cooking utensils
*A set of pots and pans
*Two end tables
*Lots of other shit.

Show and/or sell some of my art professionally
"Nuclear Explosion"

This is a print transfer I’ve done- currently one of my all time favorite medias. Art is really the only way I can say anything intelligent about the political scene in the world right now, and how that affects me. And I want people who can’t vocalize that well, like me, to see what I do, and get that same feeling inside that I get when I make art, “I couldn’t say this feeling, but I feel like this about that.”

write and publish a novel

I’ve got lots of ideas, and lots of them started…I just have to sit down and finish them. This is my can of ideas. It’s full.


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