write a play (read all 2 entries…)

I’m stuck. I can’t get over this one sequence. My creativity is… dead… comedy is so difficult.

be in love

I don’t want to do this anymore, but I’m keeping it on the list because some day I may well tag it “done!”.

get in shape
8 weeks!

8 weeks of sweating and panting at least for an hour on 6 days of the week are behind me. Ahead of me: capoeira lessons, yoga lessons, taichi lessons, marathon-practice.

Getting in shape is going well.

march in a pride parade

Of course I’m missing Stockholm Pride this year as I’ll be working 6 days that week.

become fluent in swedish
Stockholm, Stockholm.

Stockholm is a beautiful city where I’d really love to live a bit longer than 3 months. I’ll probably do a student exchange here, I mean, if I can. I love this place so much.

I learn the most Swedish at my job. I’ve improved a lot during the 10 days I’ve worked, and expect to speak much better Swedish in about a month. In the mean time, I’m going to work on reading more in Swedish and meeting Swedish people… thursday, feminetiköl.

Oh and. Today I confused jävligt with väldigt and said “tack så jävligt mycket” when I meant to be saying “tack så väldigt mycket”. SHIT.

work abroad

I got a summerjob in Sweden, so I’m working abroad.

write a play (read all 2 entries…)
Working on it.

I’ve got a plan, I’ve got great characters, and I’ve got a pretty good setting. I’ve also written… 16 pages of it. In two days. It’s a comedy. A tragicomedy.

get a job
Did it.

I got a job and moved to Sweden for the summer to do it. Feels fucking fantastic. Yes, I got a job several other people probably turned down. Yes, I’m working full-time in the evenings. Yes, it’s tiring and it doesn’t pay all that well… but hell… I’ve got something on my CV now. I got a job.



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