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  1. 1. take a vacation
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  2. 2. do more photoshoots
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  3. 3. sleep more
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  4. 4. watch some movies
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  5. 5. spend more time with my friends
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learn a new language
Learned a new language

Hy there! .. I just want to tell how do I learned a new language,and the language I learned is english!! I love english,love speaking english…and I intend to help others speak it well…
Well I think I always loved english and….since I was at the highschool I started to learn group of verbes,books in english…and they worked!they learn you how to impprove your english,reading books,stories,watching movies in english is all a good contribuitor to your english culture
You start speaking better,and then you like it…I love english and I’m still loving it and i’m glad that I know it! It really helps me learning it because as a model I have to colaborate with lots of agencies,models,photographers and all that stuff and…is really nice necesary to know how to speak english with them,and with all people:)


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