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use less splenda
This is unnacceptable!

I have been using an average of EIGHT packets a day! So unhealthy! I discovered splenda in september after two years of depriving myself of any sugar and now I’ve gone to the extreme with splenda!! I’m gonna cut my consumption in half!

Lose 7 pounds

I weigh 120 and am 5’8, but am normally 113 exactly. Junior year has just been so crazy that I can’t always squeeze in a 90 minute walk PLUS toning. I have only been exercising for 1 hr and toning every other day… so I know exactly how I gained the weight! Luckily, I never gain any more than this and I do fluctuate depending on my stress level. As long as I continue with healthy foods (with I have always eaten,) I won’t worry too much. I’d just prefer being 113.
We can do this, guys!

Travel to Greece

I also started a savings account and plan to go the senior year after high school (next summer). I have distant family there who desperately want to meet me. I feel so strongly connected to the country (it’s a big portion of my ancestry) even though I’ve never been.

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