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Be the best Mum I can be

Not until I’m older but one day I’d love to be a mum, so I can make sure I don’t make the same mistakes my mum did.

Visit Australia

I live in Australia, Queensland to be exact.
And I haven’t snorkled held a Koala or learnt how to surf. I even lived in Alice Springs and I still haven’t seen Uluru!
So I’m adding this to my list for those reasons. I feel so un-Australian xD

Get my nose peirced
Both sides.

I already have snakebites and one in each ear. I like things in two, I just got to get around to saving some money up.

To all those people who are nervous because they think it’s gonna hurt, it won’t! Just be prepared for a pinch and then it’s over, and you’ll be mega pleased with the results I promise.

-Edit (15 of Jan 2011)
Took the snake bites out.


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