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Sorry I was gone so long.

I have been spending some of my time at another site, it’s called It’s a pretty cool site for setting up your own support groups. I have discovered a wonderful product in my program, it’s called liftoff, has anyone tried it? It is a large tablet that dissolves in water. It helps with focus, concentration, and short-term memory. It’s great for giving you energy, has 0 calories, o sugar, only 1 carb, and it burns 90 calories everytime you drink it. It really helps my son with his ADHD. I have been using it for a little while now, and only when I went without it for a few days did I realize how much it was helping me. I felt horrible, and didn’t want to exercise, that won’t happen again, now I have plenty. Good to hear from everyone again, I have lost 3 more lbs since my last entry.

Own my own business
This is a scary thought.

I wanted to lose weight right, so I started a program, that is a word of mouth industry(networking). I’ve lost a lot of weight, and can’t help talking about it, as a result of this, all kinds of people that I know want to use this program. The company says that I can sale their products for them at a discount, keep the difference, and if I sale enough, they will pay me a percentage of what anyone I bring into the business sales, for the rest of my life, along with still making a profit. It sounds like a good business, but I’m scared to step out like that. They have it set up where there really is no risk, but I don’t feel comfortable asking people to buy something. The ones that want it is okay, but a salesperson, I just don’t know. Tell me what you think.

lose weight (read all 11 entries…)
I reached the 30 lb mark......

Okay acually I kicked it’s butt. Is it possible for the stupid line, to sit in the middle. What do you call that, 30 1/2 lbs, 30.5 lbs, well anyway who cares right, soon it will be a memory. I can’t believs how well I am losing this weight that I have been struggling with for so long, I wish I would have tried this after my first child. Well I just can’t help but be excited, not only for me, but to hear that so many of you are doing so well too. Keep up the good work.

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